Dublin Junior B Hurling Championship (JHC B) 2018

Group 1

St. Oliver Plunketts ER
Good Counsel
Skerries Harps
Craobh Chiaran

Group 2
Kimacud Crokes
Whitehall Colmcille
Realt Dearg

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That’s as the County Board has it, if Good Counsel is Counsel/Gaels let me know I’ll edit! Looks like a competitive competition for once!


Yes it’s a combination of Counsel and Liffey Gaels. I have it on authority from a Liffey Gaels lad I was speaking to recently who referred to them as Consel/Gaels. However I forgot to ask him if they formally set up a specific club, or if the Liffey Gaels lads transferred. After the mess up between Good Counsel and Kevin’s a few years ago I doubt Counsel would make that mistake again.


O’Tooles (edit… 2-16) Crumlin 4-13… Crumlin 3 up @ ht against the gale… O’Tooles rallied in the second and went 4 up at one stage and their free taker scored a bullet from behind the 45 out at the sideline, super goal, but kept trying to replicate it when points were needed to keep the scoreboard ticking. Last 10 minutes our lads stood up and there was no answer. Game was there for both being fair, better team on the day won!

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Realt Dearg v Whitehall was abandoned due to a player injury.

Cuala annihilated Crumlin… Don’t know the score, probably a record breaker!

4-20 to 2 points that’s a hammering alright

4-20 to 0-02 unreal , very rare you see those score lines at adult level

Plunketts beat Kevins 1-11 to 0-5.

Anyone no is it true Faughs have craobh a walkover very surprised to hear tat did Faughs not win this championship last year

Maurs beat them in the final

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Getting to the final then not been able to field a team a few months later is shocking

Too many clubs trying to field too many teams these days in my opinion. As for Cuala, they are firing at all cylinders across all their adult teams at the moment - think they have 4 teams on the go now.

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And all 4 won their championship matches at the weekend.

Are you removed from the championship if you forfeit a game??

Yes - 1 and out as far as I know

Very impressive. The third team in this group was Division 8 and Junior E only 3-years ago I think?

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I think you have to fulfill your matches with your lowest team suffering.

Correct, the forth team is now division 9 and junior e championship, with the third team division 5 and junior C.

You can give one walkover in the group stage.