Dublin Junior C Football Championship 2016

I think the winner of Brens/Cuala have home advantage against Lucan. Brigids at home vs Vincents.

Brendans won 1-15 to 2-9 I think was the score

21st August

Brendans v Lucan (could be the other way around, not sure)
Brigids v Vinnies

All AFL6 teams.

The B champo has 2 AFL7 teams in semi finals.
It really is a very flawed system, much like a lot of systems in the GAA.

Lucan won 1-21 to 1-09

I didn’t see Kevins get a goal? missed the start. They had a blatant goal in second half when balll hit the net but referee didn;t give it. I suppose that what happens when you don’t have umpires.

Sorry thought Cuala had beat Brendans

Is a joke alright.
I know Senior and Inter can’t be based on the league you’re playing in. But I really don’t see why the Junior B-D/E can’t be the same. The E already is (Think it’s 1 team clubs in Div 9 or lower?)
But I think the Junior A should be roughly Div 5-6 (with a couple of Div 3/4 teams who haven’t earned the right to play in Inter), Junior B should be 7-8, C should be 9-10 and D should be 11N+S

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One of the Kevins lads lobbed the Lucan keeper early on for their goal, @Stato82. I was too far away from the one in the 2nd half to see if it crossed the line but there was definitely strong calls from Kevins lads to give it.

Someone was saying the other night that semi-finals are neutral venue. Can anyone confirm?

Can’t confirm but they haven’t been the last 2 years

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Ball def crossed the line and ball hit the net. Referee wasn’t too far away from it. His view could have been blocked by players in front of him. Lucan by far the better team anyway. KK will climb a couple divisions. Have a very good full forward line of Trevor Connolly and Brackens twins(all came from Annes)

Vins beat brigids.

Lucan won other side by 1 AET

Good match up now between the two sides who faced each other in last years semi! When is the final?

We didn’t play Lucan in last years semi, we lost to Knock. Not sure if Lucan were on the other side of the draw.

Fairly closely matched teams alright tho. Played each other 3 times over the last 2 season with each team claiming a win and 1 draw.

Lucan lost to BSJ last year. BSJ won the Champsionship beating Castleknock in the final.

When is the final?

10.30am O’Toole Park on September 4th

Was really hoping it’d be in Parnell :rage:

Nice early trek across the city couchy, some lovely scenery on the southside

Jaysus, 10:30 in O’Toole Park miserable enough. Parnell Park should host these finals, O Toole park is an awful place and the 10:30 start will keep attendance down you’d imagine.

Imagine a 12noon final with lads who want to get to Croke Park for the Hurling final??