Dublin Junior C Football Championship (JFC C) 2017

Wild geese beat finbarrs in the bogies. 1-19 to 1-7

Judes beat Kevins by 2. Not bad for a team bottom of AFL 9 to beat team top of AFL7 :wink:

Cuala 2-9
Gers 1-9
@ The Hyde

Bhuaigh Na Gaeil Óga ar Bhaile Bachaille.

Now now we all know champo and league are separate :wink:

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Kk missing 6 starters.
Hit lots of wides.
Few decent players for judes, certainly not division 9 standard

Stars beat Naomh Barrog. I think it was 1-7 to 0-8

Anyone know the draw for the next round ?


Junior is done as per draw…ie winner of tie 1 vs winner of tie 2…winner of that will play winner of tie 3 and 4 etc

fixtures are up on Dublin GAA site now.

Peregrines beat the geese.
They took their chances when they got them.
Fair play and peregrines the better team in the end.

Also the ref. Which the peregrines folk would agree. Was one of the worst referee iv seen. Whistle happy. Never let the game flow. Totally out of his depth.

St Margarets beat Stars of Erin. 5 in it at the end.

Castleknock 1-5 Garristown 1-10

Anybody know the date for the Quarter Finals ?

Is it the job of the ref to let the game flow?
Would have thought that was more up to the players than the ref.

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Brigids Beat Na Gaol Oga,

Good game, very strong wind, NGO up 6 at HT, Two quick Goals From former Dublin GC Alan Nolan won it for Brigids, Great to see Peadar Andrews still playing, CF yesterday great service to his club, NGO should win Div 7 very strong side, Pace all over the pitch, special mention to No.11 NGO Ronan McNiallias, think he played with Donegal, kicked some massive score and Very unlucky with a few late point attempts…

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Judes beat Clontarf yesterday. Judes very strong, full of pace and some really strong runners on the ball. Composure in the final third might be their undoing (still scored 4-7 mind you) but potential to go far in this Championship.

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Garristown could be the dark horses in this championship. They have fallen a long way in recent years and may be just getting back into their groove.

Id imagine CK were badly hampered by the fact that they had a B championship game at the same time, good win all the same, Brigids have a great chance if they get past a strong Brendans side, winner comes from them two for me…

Any predictions for tonight ?