Dublin Junior C Football Championship (JFC C) 2017

Small clubs haven’t a hope winning Junior Championships anymore and are struggling to win leagues too. Lucan are in D6

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Who had Brigids togging out for them?

Wrong, they have one or two hurlers who play most games with them and a few ex senior players who are between 35-40 who still want to contribute to the club, they have had a tough start to the league but always there or there about in div 6 so they should be strong in a Junior C champo!!!

May i add that the ex senior players play with them all year round, im sure it can be checked if anyone has any reservations

Complete HorseSh*t, check both team sheets from two games Longmeadows, I was at both games and Brigids missed a hat full in the game you lads beat them, the fella who kicked 9/10 points the other night missed them same amount against you two weeks ago, I am calling it Sour grapes!!!

To be fair , your in AFL 6 , should at least be in B Championship

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Can 100% guarantee this there was nobody in eligible for this game, do you honestly think Brigids would be stupid enough to do so!!!

I’ve said it for years now but unless the structure is changed it won’t happen . Dublin should have its own structure different to the rest of the country

Completely agree with this. Last year the Junior B final was between 2 Div 7 teams and the Junior C final was between 2 Div 6 teams.
I know it can’t be changed because of greater GAA rules at Senior and Intermediate and to get out of Junior A (upwards) but nothing stopping the Dublin County board having a ruling where Junior B - Junior D is based on leagues.

To be fair I don’t think anyone is accusing Bridgits of doing anything untoward. I’m sure all the lads playing were/are legal. However smaller clubs can be genuinely be concerned that some clubs drop squad players from team above which skews the quality/standard and competitiveness of the championship in the later stages.

To players from smaller clubs this process incompressible as this is a situation they would never have to deal with. The concept of a player coming into their panel in the middle of the year and playing in the most important games in of the year is alien to them.

At this stage there are four teams left in the competition. On any day team can beat another. Let the best team win.

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It’s where the GAA fails as an organisation really . Dublin were forced to change their model to be in line with everyone else. The GAA should have recognised Dublin was a special case and acted accordingly
Unfortunately it’s similar to the 57 old farts Congress process every year . The all encompassing strategy belongs to the Stone Age

Wrong way around!! Junior A,B etc players tog out in AFL1 and 2 now and again. Since 2001 Dublin do not have a senior league in either football or hurling and championship participation not league defines a player’s status.

Under Dublin rules a player can play in any league subject to certain technicalities that must be complied with at the start of the year. He cannot play in a lower championship than that he played in the previous year unless he applies for and is granted regrading.

Agree with Bart on one thing. Rules are stone age.

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Longmeadows is gone very quiet, questioning our players, not a word about the players they had, one of there inside line play minor and 21s for Mayo not too long ago… but it’s Brigids who are questioned.

The old system was better . League determined what championship the team played in

League never determined which championship you played in. Championship always defined status but league was linked to that.
As long as the inter county scene is the way it is now league will not determine status as too many players won’t be available to their clubs on too many occasions.

It used to back in the noughties.

Garristown had spies at the Brigids AFL6 game last night, recording the game on his I pad no less :joy: he was given a friendly welcome and goodbye by some of the players…

They should be watching your’re AFL4 team if they want to gather information.


You mean the team that played against Plunketts in the “A” 3 weeks ago? The same night as the AFL6 team were playing in the “C”, amazing how they managed to be in two places at once!!

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