Dublin Junior C Hurling Championship (JHC C) 2022/2023

Presume Whitehall and Faughs are favourites for this based off their league gradings but you never know what players are eligible at this level

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Whitehall and Na Fianna in 5 i think. Faughs are 7.

I think Faughs are 5 and 7. Forgot about Na Fianna being in 5 too

Faughs Div 5 team are in B

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TD beat Na Fianna in the D final last year, nothing between both teams the last few years. Looks like a very competitive champ with Syls, TD
, Isles and Whitehall second teams along with na fianna third team. Na Gael Oige are decent too.


I am expecting Wild Geese to give it a good go this year. Was very impressed with them a few weeks ago. A few fine hurlers and very athletic around the park


I think the bit of heat out there will suit the younger lads tonight :joy:

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Na Fianna 3rd team?


Geese 4-12 to 1-12 Whitehall. Great win from our lads. Great performance with 14 for most of the 2nd half.


Syls 1-17 Crokes 2-12. Good win for our lads having been 7 or 8 down after 15 minutes

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Olafs beat Isles by 4 or 5. Olafs got new management in and some players back apparently after pulling out of the league. Seemed to get a good bounce from that.

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Great win :clap:

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Davy Fitz?

Yep good win Syls well done

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Colm Bonnar

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Hoping Trinity can field a team on Sunday. Be a shame to see any team having to give two walkovers

NGO 2-14 Isles 2-13. Ref changed score three times after the match deciding that NGO had won.