Dublin Junior C Hurling Championship (JHC C) 2022/2023

ye so if two teams are tied on points does it come down to head-to-head or points difference

Head to head if only 2 teams

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ok so Fins v TD , Geese v Syls, Raheny v Isles , Crokes v Brendans

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Some strange results today. Brendan’s losing by 13 to Geese is a bit of a mad one going on form. Then Fingallians beating crokes away. The two in form teams up to today now play each other in the quarters (Brendan’s/crokes) . I think any one of the remaining teams could win this champ.

Id agree that any team could win this. Very tough championship to win. NGO despite getting promoted in div 6 are not in a quarter final.

Td and na Gael have had some great battles over the last 4 years, only ever a couple of points between both . I think that leaves us 4-1 to TD in those clashes. Waldron was nullified from play today which made all the difference.

Any don’t give any frees against NGO either!. He dosent miss many. They would struggle big time without him

Fins were a very good side today … couple of really good hurlers and their free taker must have nailed about 8/9 frees …
they were totally on top in the first half … Crokes probably edged the second but couldn’t see it out on the scoreboard…
Conditions were bad … lot of dropped balls but fins adapted far better. - they are well set up as a unit
If they keep that team for the rest of the Champo they’ll go well

Crokes / Brendan’s … does the Brendan’s team change much from game to game with all the country lads they have ?
There was about 8 in it when they played each other in the league … although it was very early in the league

Very open championship. On any given day I can see any team winning the lot. Personally think group 2 is strongest bar Lusk. Geese vs Isles prob pick off the quarters. It will be a very physical game no doubt. Great respect between both sides


While Naoise is a great addition to any team at this level, to say that NGÓ would struggle big time without him is a bit disingenuous. As one poster said they have had some right auld tussles with TD in the last few years and they beat Whitehall last year in the group stages…the team who went onto to win this championship.

I think geese are playing syls in quarter final. As syls beat isles yesterday and have isles on H2H. Open to correction!

Teams out of football championship’s are starting to filter in players who hadn’t played with them all year. This will have a big bearing on who goes on to win it.

He did beat us in the playoff tbf, scored 1-12 maybe and about 1-6 from play. But Na Gael have 5/6 really good quality lads aswel and are always very hard to beat with or without Waldron. The no11 went off injured in the first half yesterday , TD gained control once he went off.