Dublin Junior C Hurling Championship (JHC C) 2022/2023

Whitehall beat Isles by 8.

Hoping Geese can keep that momentum going and win it out


Anyone know the QFinal fixtures?

I think its

Geese v Crokes
Na Fianna v Olafs
NGO v Syls
TD v Whitehall

Na Fianna, Wild Geese, NGO and TD for me

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Hopefully you have the Wild Geese result correct. I can see Syls potentially winning their encounter. Hard to know which Syls team will show up though. Na Fianna should be straightforward. Whitehall and TD is an unknown. Whitehall in AHL 5, but results suggest otherwise. Be an interesting weekend.

I am hoping Geese get the win. As said earlier i hope they win it out. Need the likes of themselves progressing and getting hurling on the up out that way.

I think Syls might sneak past NGO. Not sure if the full forward they had playing in the league went back up to their first team or not but he would have a big influence on this game.

Na Fianna should beat Olafs. TD and WC to be a close one.

Anyone know why the Faughs v Kevins game was not played in line with the other games? Its delaying the retirement of some of us in Finglas :joy:


Na Fianna with a massive win, can shoot from anywhere, will take some stopping any results from other 3 matches

Na fianna we’re average enough against TD, game finished in a draw. Whitehall beat TD well today and looked very strong.

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Wild Geese just about scrap over Kilmacud Crokes 4

No sign of the Na Gaeil Óga v St Sylvesters result still.

Kilmacud should have beaten wild geese as well
7 up with 10 to play and completely on top
Huge last 12/13 from WG

Referee made a few strange calls in the dying moments

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Probably should have! Crokes missed a simple free to tie at the death. Geese had a lot of wides to be fair. Our forwards have and will have better days in front of the posts. Cracker of a game for the spectators I’d say.
Personally I don’t understand the strange calls? I thought he was even and that Crokes had their fair share of frees throughout. Easier saying that when you win I suppose!


Syls won by about 6 or 7 points. Heard it was a good first half performance by our lads that did the damage, we led 0-13 to 0-4 at half time. 1 or 2 players to come back before the semi final

Should be 2 really good games whatever way the draw goes. Would have Whitehall and NAF as favourites if they avoid each other

Anyone know when the draw is made?

H champ semis are up already. They might start filtering through

For the 9th?

Wild Geese home to Whitehall
Na Fianna home to Sylvesters.

Na Fianna should be too strong for Syls.
WG and Whitehall will be a savage battle, could go either way, I’d say home advantage could be key

Any results from todays semis

You beat me to the question.

Isles beat Kevin’s 3-16 to 0-12 in the relegation. Important win for long term development


Na Fianna comfortably bet Syls, look very strong so they do.

Anyone at the Geese v Whitehall game?