Dublin Junior D Football Championship (JFC D) 2017

Cilles beat clanna Gael

Isles beat O’Dwyers 3:15 to 3:11

Erins Isle beat O’Dwyers 3-15 to 3-11. Great game of football

Whitehall beat us by 5 . Game swung when we lost a player to a very soft second yellow. Was nip and tuck up to that point. Inexperienced ref. Never heard of him before. Well done to Whitehall tho.

Must say the ref we had was good…always kept up with the play and brought his own lads to run the line…

Lusk won well against Na Gaeil Oga.

Finians Newcastle beat James Gaels aet great game of football

Ballyboden St endas beat raheny by 3 points 2 goals and 10 points to 13 points really good game of football

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We lost 2-16 to 2-07 against Crokes. Decent side

32 points by Starlights? Some shooting

Brigids 4-10 to 1-09 against Scoil Ui Chonaill. 4 first half goals for Brigids killed it

Unfortunately yes!
Our Goalie also pulled off i’d say at least 5 excellent saves.

Very good team - would give them a good chance of winning it out.

Boden beat cilles by 5…nightmare start unfortunately was the difference between the two teams…best of luck to the Boden lads good bunch

Thanks mate Ballyboden have a great team we could go far in the championship

Ballyboden should win this championship. Not too many AFL 8 teams in this comp

Good side they are but we aren’t too bad for afl 9 ourselves so it feels like a missed opportunity considering we dragged ourselves back into it…i hope you’re right and they do win it

How did a AFL 8 team get into that ? Are you sure it’s their AFL 8 team in it ?

The C Championship is similar with Lucan , Brigids & Brendan’s in the Quarter Finals & they are in AFL 6 . Hardly fair.

Their manager came in after and said he might see us next year provided they don’t get promotion themselves…i dont think the whole division status made a difference in this game more our poor start and Boden taking advantage of it…

Vincents beat Monica’s.
Not sure of score.
Won by 3 or so I think

Def AFL8 team. Their AFL5 the team above is in A championship. Was watching Lucan/Liffey Gaels this morning. Lucan are very strong team and wouldnt look of out of place in B championship, The winners of them/Olafs will win C championship