Dublin Junior D Hurling Championship 2016

Setanta 2-10 Boden 1-10

Fair play to the Boden lads they went upstairs to our club bar for a drink after the match. In the 2nd half our inexperienced umpire signalled a wide to what was clearly a point, but to qualify losing that point in the 1st half(due to not having an umpire) the referee did not give a point we scored due to nobody there to signal the score. Best of luck to this Boden team in the rest of the championship.
While we had 2 players in their mid-40s Boden had 2 too and one in his 50s, none looked out of place. As a matter of fact they were the mainstays on both sides.

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What was very noticeable for me was the fact that both teams had a right mixture of ages from 18 up to 54 !!! It’s great for our team for lads who just want to hurl and have the craic.
We didn’t turn up at all in the first half (2 atrocious goals to concede) but gave ye a right game in the second.
Best of luck in the rest.

Boden beat Mearnog.

Anyone know the dates for the quarter finals?

Quarter final for Junior B down for the 14th. August so presume in or around then.

Boden 1-16 Na Fianna 0-13
Mearnog won by a goal and Judes won handy.
How did Cuala TD go?
How does that leave the semis?

Cuala won handy.
So Boden, Mearnog, Cuala and Judes left.
Not sure who plays who but semis might be 28th of August. That was what they did last year, switched league game weekend for Champo for teams still in it.

Well done to Judes, who beat Cuala in the final.