Dublin Junior D Hurling Championship (JHC D) 2017

Wild geese beat Thomas Davis.

Na Fianna beat Boden

Good win for the Geese. They are going well in the League too. Would they have many players to draw from out there or a tight squad?

What happened with the Mearnog / Trinity game? Says it was not played.

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We had a couple of minors come through the last few years. Very young team.
We will be fielding our first ever second hurling team next week. Just for championship.

@amigo. Is that the boden team that just plays championship?

That’s the one.

Setanta beat commercials

Seems like Mearnog had to concede their first game. That’s poor for this time of year, they will likely struggle more with numbers as the year progresses.

A very strong looking Setanta side comfortably bet Commercials.Id say they will be there or there abouts at the end of this championship.

Geese beat balinteer well.

Wow, a second team. That is great going for a club like Wild Geese. Few of the more central Dublin city clubs only have 2 teams sure. Would ye get many players from Ashbourne playing with ye?

No players from Ashbourne. They have their own hurling team. 2 teams I think. Nearly all lads on the team now are from the last 2 minor teams. or people living in the area.

I thought they were going well in the league last year??

Was told numbers are tight out there so they’ve had to pull from Junior panel to fill Intermediate team.

Setanta beat Boden by 4.

Wild geese beat mearnog. We were missing a lot of players. Good to get the win.

Boden 2-14 Clontarf 2-8

Plunketts beat setanta 5-4 to 1-8

Wild geese 5-14, St pereguins 1-7

Setanta 3-15 Clontarf 3 -10