Dublin Junior D Hurling Championship (JHC D) 2023

Opinions on this year’s championship

Whoever has more country lads and bangers will win


Comms beat trinity by 5/6

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Good win. I would have viewed Trinity Gaels as one of the favourites in this. It’s their one and only Hurling team.

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Surely one of Clontarf or Barrogs will win it this year, both are Division 6 but who knows with championship

Crumlin beat pats by 4

Round Towers beat Maurs by one.

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Comms beat pats of donabate, excellent facilities out there :+1:t2::+1:t2:

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Trinity Gaels with 7 goals in Drumnigh


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Comms beat trinity by 5/6

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Comms beat crumlin by 4. Very competitive game for the 60. Tommy clinton reffed a good game too :+1:t2:

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Commercials 0-18 Crumlin 0-14
Castleknock 1-10 Trinity Gaels 0-21
Brigid’s beat Towers C
Barrog beat Mearnog
Clontarf beat Maurs
Kevin’s 2-15 Pats D 0–10

Hard to see past Clontarf or Barrog as winners for me. Commercials and Trinity as dark horses / third favourites.

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EP will have had an effect on all of today’s results!
Commercials a young team who are not to be underestimated!

Yeah fair point! They won’t be far away!

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How far is it from Rathcoole to EP ?

You can almost hear the music from Rathcoole😁


After today, QF’s are;

Barrog V Castleknock
Commercials V Mearnog
Crumlin V Brigid’s
Clontarf V Trinity Gaels

That correct?

Cannot see a thread for Junior F. Is portabello gone in the hurling aswell?