Dublin Junior E Hurling Championship (JHC E) 2017

Lucan and St Pat’s (D) going well in Group 1 - Group 2 looks like most of the teams are evenly matched.

I assume it’s top 4 into quarter finals, hopefully it can be run off in a timely manner once the group games are done.

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St Pats (D) beat St Brigids

Any results from other matches

St Pats (D) vs Realt Dearg
Castleknock vs Naomh Barrog
Round Towers vs St Joseph’s
Na Gaeil Oga vs Lucan

Quarter Finals - 20 July @ 7.15pm

St Pats 3.11 Dealt Dargh 1.11

Joeys, Naomh Barrog and Na Gaeil Oga all won too.

St Josephs OCB vs Naomh Barrog
St Pats (D) vs Na Gaeil Oga

Semi Finals - Sun 20 Aug @ 3pm