Dublin Junior E hurling championship

Wild geese beat Naomh Barrog last Sunday

Any ideas on the semi’s?

Think it is this championship: Brigids beat St. Pats (D) in a 1/4 final on Sunday…

Any word on the Lucan/Clontarf match and will it be an open draw for the semi final?

Any score?

Brigids won by 5 maybe, a tight game/would have been closer had pats more than the bare 15…

Pats seem to be struggling big time this year.
Brigids were very strong when I seen them this year. Few players well above this level.

Wild geese beat round towers today.
Should of been a lot more in it.
Into championship final now.

Any word when the other semi will be played? Date?

I believe both semi finals are to be played Sunday the 11th.

Wild geese are already in the final.

Clontarf 0-13 Brigids 2-05.

Jack McCaffery started wing-forward for Clontarf.

What a great clubman to tog out for the junior team in the club

How did he get on

Was he any use

Some engine on him I’d say

Wouldn’t like to be marking him

Surprise Bridget’s beat clontarf

Clontarf beat Bridget’s

I meant to say

Clontarf beat Bridget’s

Clontarf going for the Champo double, good stuff.

Hon The Geese.