Dublin Junior Football All County Championship 2 (JAC2) 2018

Group 1
Castleknock (div 4
Naomh Olaf (div 7
St Brigids (div 7
O’Tooles (div7

Group 2
St Marys div 7
St Brendans div 10
St Annes div 7
St Judes div 6

Group 3
St Margarets(div7)
Fingal Ravens(div6)
St Oliver Plunketts(div6)
St Maurs(div5)

Group 4
Lucan Div6
Thomas Davis Div6
Scoil Ui C Div 7
Balinteer Div 7

Can’t see anyone stopping Castleknock there.

I’d say that’s Brendan’s division 5 team instead of their division 10

would they not be in the 1st team competition?

Apologies, they should be. Brendan’s are in the all county championship 5 though too so I’m assuming that’s they’re division 10 team? I don’t think they have another team in between 5 and 10?

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Yea I think thats a mistake and they have been entered twice in the Junior a and the all county 2 for the same team

Brendan’s have now been taken out of this championship

OPER 1.7 Maurs 3.8

In a slodgy Phoenix Park.

Castleknock 0-16 Olafs 2-7

Maurs 2.12 Margarets 1.11

Castleknock 4-15 O’Tooles 1-07


All through to next round with game to spare.

Are top teams in the groups seeded in the quarter final draw?

Olafs and Brigids drew. It looks like brigids and castleknock to go through from that group. They’ll play a local derby in round three; should be a lot closer than the recent senior fixture.

If Olafs beat O’Tooles, CastleKnock (their 2nds div 4) beat Brigids (their 4th team div 7) it goes head to head, but then Brigids and Olafs drew. So it will probably go to score difference. Castleknock already into quarters by time they face Brigids. Next game scheduled for Sept 16th.

Bit of a Farce that Castleknocks AFL 4 team is in this alongside AFL6 and 7 teams, surely they’d be fairly competitive in the Junior AC 1 (who have vins div 6 team)

You would think so, think the only way you can get up in championship is by winning it, I know last year they lost to Skerries who went on to win it (now in Division 4 with C/Knock), previous years think the team just kept screwing it up, suspect they never won Junior 3, forced up due to the division they were in, could see it happening again if they didn’t win this year

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Ravens 2.6
Maurs 1.14

St Marys 0-16, St Annes 1-5

O’Tooles gave Olafs a walk over, assuming that means there’s a playoff between the two of them for second as they drew original match and can’t use score difference?

Was confirmed yesterday. O Tooles scores wiped from all games.
Olafs go through as Castleknock beat them by 3 and Brigids by 7.

Who confirmed that to you?