Dublin Junior Football All County Championship 3 (JAC 3) 2019

Semi draw,
Pats v NaF in donabate
Boughal / Counsel v Lusk, not sure where

Boughal 2nd team game moved to Tuesday night 7.30 in garristown

Sensible choice. Should be a good game.

Counsel/LG beat boughal tonight. 5 or 6 in it in the end. Lovely set up in Garristown, it’s been about 15 years since I was out there.

Both semi finals down for 11.00 this Sunday morning. No venues allocated yet as far as I know. Although in fairness, the last semi final spot was only known tonight.

The pats game is down to be in donabate and Lusk are down to be at home. As per the dublin gaa site

Oh right, saw that both Pat’s and Lusk were listed first for their respective semi finals, but just assumed they would be neutral venues. Thanks for that!

Yeah neutral venues would be better :eyes:

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Decent game to watch as a neutral score line probably not a true reflection on the game as boughal kicked an awful lot of bad wides but you’s were a lot more clinical and overall deserved to win

Cheers Hanlon.

Agree with that summary. You guys had a lot of wides/missed frees alright. Our lads had their scoring boots on and dug really deep to keep yis out towards the end.

Sorry, just noticed you said you were a neutral!

Wouldn’t want to mix up a garristown man with a boughal man :joy:. Best of luck in the semi final

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Sure there’s nowhere nicer to be than North County Dublin on a crisp BH Sundsy morning. Make sure to bring your own water though! Wouldn’t like you guys going back to Galtymore with a dose of the shits!

Might want to plan your journey so that you don’t get caught up in the marathon, and end up taking part, alongside @dubintipp!

Last nights trip to Garristown is enough for one week :wink:

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Sure you could have stayed out this direction until Sunday. Pack the car full of 5L bottles of water, flog them to the locals, and that’s your hotel cost covered! :sunglasses:

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What division is that an fianna team in?

Div 8

NaF bet pats 8.7 in a hard fought battle. Best of luck to them in the final

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Who won the other semi final?

The Lusk - Counsel semi final was postponed. Not sure why.