Dublin Junior Football All County Championship 5 (JAC5) 2018

8 groups! Is this still top 2 from each group go through so after the groups stage is will be last 16?
Anyone able to put what league each team are in?

Group One
Skerries Harps
Naomh Barrog
St Finians (N)
St Brendans

Group Two
Good Counsel
Na Gaeil Óga
St Marks

Group Three
Ballymun Kickhams
Round Towers ©
Lucan Sarsfields

Group Four
Whitehall Colmcille
Clann Mhuire
St Annes

Group Five
St James Gaels An Caislean
Scoil Ui Chonaill
St Peregrines

Group Six
St Brigids
Kilmacud Crokes

Group Seven
Man O War

Group Eight
Fingal Ravens
St Maurs
Ballinteer St Johns

Some filled in based on leagues on dublingaa.ie

Can’t find Crokes or Parnells unless they are in Division 8 or higher. I wouldn’t have thought they’d put them into that championship if they are that high in league, so i’m guessing they are teams just entered for championship?

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There are 2 Crokes teams in div8, one got promoted from 9 last season, even though they didnt win the playoff, how did they go up?

Shane Ross arranged it:wink:

Group 1
Skerries Harps 3rds (9)
Naomh Barrog 3rds (10)
St Finians (N) 2nds (11S)

Group 2
Garristown 2nds (11N)
Good Counsel 2nds (11S)
Na Gaeil Óga 2nds (11N)
St Marks 2nds (10)

Group 3
Ballymun Kickhams 4ths (11N)
Round Towers © 4ths (11S)
Lucan Sarsfields 4ths (10)
Fingallians 3rds (10)

Group 4
Whitehall Colmcille 4ths (11N)
Clann Mhuire 2nds (9)
St Annes 3rds (11S)
St Brendans 2nds (10)

Group 5
St James Gaels An Caislean 2nds (11S)
Scoil Ui Chonaill 3rds (11N)
Wanderers 2nds (11S)
St Peregrines 4ths (11N)

Group 6
St Brigids 5ths (10)
Parnells 2nds (7)
Kilmacud Crokes 6ths (-)

Group 7
Castleknock 4ths (11N)
Man O War 2nds (11N)
O’Dwyers 2nds (11N)
Trinity Gaels 2nds (10)

Group 8
Fingal Ravens 3rds (11N)
St Maurs 3rds (9)
Ballinteer St Johns 4ths (11S)
Ballyboden St Endas 6ths (-)

Lol, Parnells Div7 team in it!

Mad that a division 7 team is entered here when most of the other non first teams from division 7 seem to be in the all county Junior 2!
3 tiers higher!

Is there a date set for the first round of games yet?

Sunday April 15th.

How many teams from each group go through? I assume its 2 that make up the last 16?

I’d assume top 2 from each group go through to the last 16.

SO we have our first match in the championship on April 15th and our second match on Sept 16th. 5 months between matches. Good job!

Are Brendan’s gone from this championship then? Their division ten team is playing in the Junior 1 AC?

Only 3 teams in your group I assume. Pain in the balls.

Should have had seven groups. Give the best two third-laced teams a place in the last 16. Therefore, all teams would have had three group games.

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Are St Brendan’s gone? We have a bye on the 15th now

Yes they were put into 3 championships but only have 2 teams!

that’s a joke, parnells 2nd team playing 5th and 6th teams, they request or county board secede?

Cheers man

St Brendan’s should still be in this group. Seem’s to have been some mistake made, our second team was listed in JAC2 & JAC5, then removed from both.