Dublin Junior Football All County Championship (JAC 1) 2018

Group One
|Ballymun Kickhams
|Ballyboden St Endas
|St Brigids

Group Two
Naomh Mearnog
Templeogue Synge Street
St Peregrines

|Group Three
|St Vincents
|Kilmacud Crokes
|Round Towers ©

Group Four
Ballinteer St Johns
Skerries Harps
Na Fianna

Can someone explain the grading amongst these teams, i.e will that be NaF AFL 2 team and Crokes AFL 3 team?

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No, they’ll be in the inter all county championship.

This will be teams from last years Junior A and B that were not 1st teams in their club.

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Perfect cheers, got fairly worried for a moment we were in for a very one sided championship

Were OPER’s 3rd team not in this draw? They got to the final of the B last year

If anyone has the divisions these teams are in that would be great.


I think Skerries are div 4, Na Fianna and BSJ are div 5 and Whitehall are deffo div 6

Not sure about the other groups

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Crokes in 4.

Group Two

Mearnog - Div 6
TSS - Div 5
Clontarf - Div 5
Peregrines - Div 5

Group One
|Ballymun Kick hams- AFL5
|Ballyboden St Endas- AFL 5
|St Brigids- AFL 5
|Fingallians- AFL 6?
Group Two
Naomh Mearnog- AFL 6
Templeogue Synge Street- AFL 5
Clontarf- AFL 5
St Peregrines- AFL 5

|Group Three
|St Vincents - AFL 4
|Kilmacud Crokes -Afl4
|Round Towers ©. -AFL 5
|Raheny -AFL 4
Group Four
Ballinteer St Johns afl 5
Whitehall afl 6
Skerries Harps afl 4
Na Fianna afl 5

Group 1
Ballymun Kickhams 3rds (5)
Ballyboden St Endas 3rds (5)
St Brigids 3rds (5)
Fingallians 2nds (6)

Group 2
Naomh Mearnog 2nds (6)
Templeogue Synge St 2nds (5)
Clontarf 2nds (5)
St Peregrines 2nds (5)

Group 3
St Vincents 3rds (6)
Kilmacud Crokes 3rds (4)
Round Towers © 2nds (5)
Raheny 2nds (4)

Group 4
Ballinteer St Johns 2nds (5)
Whitehall Colmcille 2nds (6)
Skerries Harps 2nds (4)
Na Fianna 3rds (5)


Is that Vincent’s afl4 team not in Inter?

Apologies you’re correct, I forgot that this AFL4 team is the AFL 3 team from the last few years (they had a 3rd team in AFL4 2-3 years ago)

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Clontarf got a walkover from Peregrines this morning

They weren’t expecting to concede judging by tweet yesterday

Tight game between Mearnog and Templeogue, a soft peno in the dying moments proved the difference I’d say, with the latter eventually pulling away to an 18 or so point winning margin… :see_no_evil:

Best of luck to Finians and Wanderers today so! That’s shocking

Whitehall beaten by Ballinteer this morning. Not sure of final score

Ballinteer St Johns 2-11 Whitehall 0-11
Skerries 0-15 Na Fianna 0-6