Dublin Junior Football Championship 1 (JFC 1) 2018

Reckon this should have it’s own thread.
Draw made last night


I believe the Junior 2 as well as the 3 “All County” draws were been made today!

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I assumed this championship was for teams 1st teams ? Where are the likes of Stars of Erin & Starlights ?

Probably in Junior 2

Any early predictions for this one ??
I reckon it’ll be:
Group 1: Monica’s/Craobh
Group 2: Fins N/ Brendan’s
Group 3: MOW/ Gaeil Óga
Group 4: Crumlin/Garristown

Finians N to win it overall

When are those draws ?

Think they have been done but not sure were they can be located.

They have been done for junior 2. We got ours emailed today but not available on twitter yet.

Ger Morans look an incredible outfit

Are Finians the only div 4 team?

Any idea when fixtures will be set? Probably won’t follow the calendar set at start of year I assume.

Monicas and Man O War are in AFL 4 too

Haven’t a clue about fixtures.
Don’t see why it couldn’t follow the fixtures calendar though…

As per master fixture list, details listed below

Champ Group Game 1 - 15/04
Champ Group Game 2 - 29/04
Champ Group Game 3 - 16/09
Champ QF - 30/09
Champ SF - 14/10
Champ F - 27/10

Any idea of venues for it?

I see in the Senior championship thread @Boarddelegate1 has the following for fixtures:

I’m guessing Senior is neutral though, so what way will it go in Junior where i’m assuming it’s not neutral venues?
2 teams will have 1 home game and the other 2 will have 2 home games, any idea what way it’ll be divided up?

Group 1:

  1. Craobh Chiarain (6)
  2. Bank of Ireland (6)
  3. Liffey Gaels (7)
  4. St Monicas (4)

Group 2:

  1. Geraldine P Morans (7)
  2. Wanderers (6)
  3. St. Finians (N) (4)
  4. St Brendans (5)

Group 3:

  1. Na Gaeil Oga (6)
  2. Man O War (4)
  3. St Kevins Killians (8)
  4. Civil Service (6)

Group 4:

  1. Innisfails (6)
  2. St James Gaels (7)
  3. Garristown (7)
  4. Crumlin (6)

Any results ???

Ger Moran’s beat Wanderers by 5.

5-6 to 2-9.
Game was played in Bray Emmets

Bank of Ireland 1-10 craobh 2-7

Group One
St Monicas 1-8 Craobh 2-14
BOI 2-6 Liffeys 1-10

Craobh Strong now with hurlers out???

That group will be interesting come the final game, wide open after 2 games, Craobh in 3 points, Monica’s and LG on 2 points and BOI on 1 point

Does Alan McCrabbe play football for Craobh still? I know he did a couple of years ago.