Dublin Junior Football Championship 1 (JFC 1) 2019

I think that Kildare lad transferred back to home club from looking at transfers. Have a top class freetaker in Barney Rock too :stuck_out_tongue:

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Yes you are right. He went back down to kildare. He was playing with them the past few years.

Shane Darcy. Think he would have played with Kildare juniors. Was midfield for Two Mile House last year. Who managing Garristown now?

Not sure whos managing them. I just heard glennon was playing with them. Shane is married to barneys daughter.

Any dates for these fixtures?

First 2 games soon and the remaining group game in a couple of months?

14 & 28th April, 15th September.
Joke how spaced out the championship group game are, sure there is no county players involved it could be wrapped up by mid- september

Disagree. Play league off over summer with lads away etc. Last year worked well

IMO league should be run off first finish on july then championship starts 2 weeks after all Ireland to end of October

Impossible to fit in six rounds in that time scale and play hurling as well. Winners are usually required in Leinster mid to late October, worked well last year

Looking at transfer list yesterday Shane Darcy back in with Garristown. Hope they do well. Nice to see small clubs progressing.

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JFC1 Fixtures for Sunday the 14th of April

Group 1 Crumlin v Bye
Group 1 11:00 Man O War v Civil Service Football

Group 2 11:00 Bank of Ireland v Garristown
Group 2 11:00 Ranelagh Gaels v Craobh Chiarain

Group 3 11:00 St James Gaels An Caislean v St Brendans
Group 3 11:00 St Kevin-Killians v Geraldine P. Moran

Group 4 11:00 Innisfails v O Dwyers
Group 4 11:00 St Monicas v Na Gaeil Oga

any other predictions

Tough one for Crumlin! Shame that there are byes alright.

Interesting to see how Garristown play away from home but I would agree with everything else said above

know what you mean, they may have just gotten handy games so far whereas BOI might have drawn short straws, and could turn season around yet.
But its all about championship right? :wink:

Why don’t you ask @allaboutchampo?

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@thanks2me looks like you got most of your predictions right.

Innisfails beating O’Dwyers is the surprise result I think

Really odwyers haven’t been up to much. Should be done a lot better considering the size of balbriggan

Division 5 team though, I know innisfails were relegated to 7 last year. Maybe got a few new bodies up

yeah i fcked up that one didnt I? but like I said i know nothing about either team, perils of being an southsider.
also f
cked up BOI v Garristown, tight game by the looks of it

We got any predictions for this weekends matches?