Dublin Junior Football Championship 1 (JFC 1) 2020

Group One
Beann Eadair (8)
Stars of Erin (8)
St Monica’s (5)
Man O War (4)

Group Two
Civil Service (6)
St James Gaels An Caisleán (7)
Garristown (7)

Group Three
Ranelagh Gaels (8)
O’Dwyer’s (6)
Geraldine P. Moran’s (6)
Na Gaeil Óga (5)

Group Four
Bank of Ireland (6)
St Mark’s (4)
Innisfails (6)
Crumlin (5)

Think this is the right divisions for each team I’m open to correction though

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Monica’s got relegated from 4 to 5 last season.

Were Marks relegated from Inter?

MoW early favorites I reckon

Marks must have dropped down. Brendan’s have gone up. They lost intermediate final.

Marks lost relegation playoff to clann mhuire, relegated along wit the “bye”. Assume this is the last year of byes in Junior 1 upwards

Would this mean another ‘Bye’ relegated down to Junior 2? There’s already 4 byes down there. 11 teams and 5 Byes next year would be very odd

Assume one bye may have to fold :smiley:
i was saying on that forum its a bit of a joke, probably should be a junior 3 competition for 1st teams with div 10 and 11 only and let them fight their way up the ranks rather than be pitted against div 6 and 7 teams

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I see the Junior hurling championship is up on Hill 16, dates/fixtures etc.

Any idea when this championship will be up?

Fixtures were up but mean nothing now, championship postponed

I know everything is off now but just looking through the fixtures that are still up and NGO seem to be gone from group 3 only seems to have O Dwyer’s, Geraldine Moran’s and Ranelagh in it

Seen that too, assumed it was a clerical cockup of some kind unless NGO have not entered

So this champo is back and the original fixtures to take place 28th July?