Dublin Junior Football Championship 1 (JFC 1) 2020

Bit annoying alright for midweek but its always been an issues that the DCB hasnt really managed to address and in this particular year any football is football, doubt any of the clubs will really complain

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Not sure, but Crumlin are playing the Cork based version of them.


O’Dwyers 1-10 Ger Moran’s 1-9

O’Dwyers 5 down with 8 mins to go some finish to the game


All the results on here

Take a look at Rónán Mac Lochlainn (@RnnMacLochlainn): https://twitter.com/RnnMacLochlainn?s=09


Fair play to O’Dwyers, 2 from 2 after having not won a championship game in some time, guessing they can’t be caught in that group even if they slip up v NGO due to their hammering of Ranelagh?

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Looking that way alright. We took a trimming off NGO last year now so we’ll only be looking at that game for now

Was looking at match report from O’Dwyers last game. Peter Lawless and Liam Prout playing. Is Lawless the ex Fingallians lad? Prout was a Dublin junior about 15-18 year ago?

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Mark’s and Crumlin must be favourites for this championship?

No Peter Lawless is only a young lad came through the ranks in the club. Same Liam Prout too yes. Still going strong :muscle:

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Prout was refeering in recent years too?

Yeah that’s right

Playing each other next, depending on how the results Crumlin might not even make it out of the group.

MoW in with a shout too

Marks very handy in their opening two games -will be hard to see them stopped i think

Between Mark’s and MoW for me.

wheres the match report?

Herald I’d say


Any idea what the draw format is for the next round? Is it open draw or 1st Vs 2nd etc…

Winners v runners up. Group 1 v 2 and 3 v 4.

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Thought so. Cheers