Dublin Junior Football Championship 2 (JFC 2) 2019

Group 1:
Starlights (11N)
Erin Go Bragh (9)
Portobello (9)
Beann Eadair (8)

Group 2:
Croi Ro Naofa (11S)
Wild Geese (8)
St Colmcilles (10)

Group 3:
Cabinteely (10)
Ballyfermot De La Salle (8)
Shankhill (11S)
Rossmini Gaels (9)

Group 4:
Wanderers (6)
Stars of Erin (8)
St Joseph’s OCB (10)


Be very surprised if wanderers don’t win this at a canter…@porto2018 just so you know starlights and joeys have swapped leagues

Is that joeys first team??

Ballyfermot also listed as being in Junior All-County 5

Sorry only noticing that.

They’ve a 2nd team now.

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Cheers - didn’t realise that!

Wanderers Div 6, Doesn`t seem very fair on all the other sides

Didn’t bother fielding for the relegation play off last year, for what I recall was all D6 sides.

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They should walk this Champo

A- Beann & Porto
B- Cilles and Craoi (Not been biased at all lol)
C- Rossmini and Ballyfermot
D- Wanderers & Stars

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Not sure about your predictions for the B group. Pretty sure the Geese would be getting out of that one.
As for the winner, it’ll be between Stars and Wanderers. On their day The Geese and Beann Eadair could cause upsets!

You must have missed last years result when Wild Geese beat Croi Ro Naofa 9-23 to 1-5 or something similar. Agreed on all the rest with Wanderers the clear favourite, 5 divisions between them and some of the other teams.

Jaysis I did haha, Im just going on previous results we have had with Craoi. Havent heard much from the geese so that was the reasoning behind it tbh. Stand corrected on that one haha. 9.23 ouch

If Beann have their couple of Soccer lads in the side they are a huge addition to them in that team. They a young lad kicking the frees for them and hes a speedy lil shite too very hard to pin down and keep quiet. Agreed theyll do damage if they have their full quota on game day

I’d put it down to Wanders and Ballyfermot,

I’ll be very surprised if anyone gets close to wanderers…i hope it was a case of being unable to field in the relegation p/o game rather than let’s go down and pick up a handy champo

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At the same time who knows they could get shocked… D8 teams stayed in Junior 1.

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Of course they’re not guaranteed to win it but there’s a fair difference between 6 and 8. would those div 8 sides stayed up if wanderers didn’t give a w/o?