Dublin Junior Football Championship 2 (JFC 2) 2020

Group One
St Colmcille’s (Div 10)
Starlights (Div 10)
Ballyfermot De La Salle (Div 7)

Group Two
St Joseph’s OCB (Div 11N)
Shankill (Div 11S)
Portobello (Div 9)

Group Three
Erin Go Bragh (Div 9)
Wanderers (Div 6)
Croí Ró Naofa (Div 11S)

Group Four
Rosmini Gaels (Div 8)
Cabinteely (Div 10)
St Kevin’s Killian’s (Div 8)

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Div 6 v div 11 is madness

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They were beaten by a D8 team last year. Stuck here on merit.

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Ballyfermot promoted from div 8 to 7 last year so are obviously decent. And wanders div 6. Both must be considered favs based on divisions :thinking:.

Why would a div 11 or 10 team bother? Just concentrate on league

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Whatever about the divisions teams play in, would three groups of four not make more sense, giving the two best placed 3rd teams places in q/f’s? At least each team gets three group games, then.

Yeah it’s totally lobsided

Bit ironic that Wanderers were complaining And kicking up serious fuss last year in champo when Ballyboden 11 played 3 Hurlers and now they’re entering there Division 6 team in a champo with 11s :joy::see_no_evil:… says a lot

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Would make a lot more sense, and lads not sitting wonder when the bye will be.

In fairness, that Boden championship ‘victory’ was a disgrace. The final was an amazing turnaround from when the two finalists played in the group stage, and Skerries beat Boden by 17 points


Wanderers are in this championship on merit. Relegated 2 years and lost to Division 8 team later year. I’m sure they have same group of players throughout the season and not parachuting players in for semi finals/finals like super clubs do.


A bye in every group - would they not just push teams up.

not sure what you mean? do you mean restructure the groups eg. 3 groups of 4 or 2 of 6?

Think BYE’s are relegated each year.

But there is nowhere to relegate them to from this championship

Unless a new club emerges, there won’t be anyone to replace the “byes”.
Three groups of four or two groups of six is the way to go, really.

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Did they lose players to retirement? Sad to see them dropping down the championships :wink:


agreed. another option is to have a junior 3 competition with div 10 and 11 only… gives them something to actually play for rather than being pitted against div 6 and 7 teams and wasting their time. smaller but better matched championships.

Yes, and it doesn’t need to be 16 teams. Two groups of 4 or 5 would do.

in all fairness we have every right to be in this as we were in div 9 when it formed and have the same opportunity’s as everyone else to move up the league’s. It’s a level playing field for everyone from day one not year to year