Dublin Junior Football Championship 5 (JFC 5) 2019

There is no result in on hill 16 but it has it down as a fixture for 23rd June

Castleknock conceded to finians Newcastle

Any result for clanna Gael and wanderers?

Clanna Gael did not know they had a game.
As a result, Wanderers get the points.

Really?? Cheers man

Yeah. Unbelievable to be honest given they could have been perceived as one of the favs for this!!

Absolutely!! Funny weekend all round!

Does giving a walkover mean they’re out of the championship?

I think it’s the same as the leagues, 2 and you’re gone.

We gave one to skerries last year in our last group game, secretary got a snooty email saying we were automatically relegated or to that effect. But when your down this low :laughing::laughing::laughing:

Surely they got notification game was on?

Will this game go ahead? Castleknock conceded their last game and most of their games in the AFL 11.

Boden beat Anne’s by two points i think in the end

Anne’s very wasteful at times, were down by 3 with 7 left, scored 1-2 to lead by two points, when a draw would have done them.

Boden in the last two minutes scored 1-1 themselves.

Boden with a very strong bench…

Brigids 4-12 _ 1-09 I Dwyers.

There was only 3 points in it with around 13 minutes left and Brigids got 3 goals in the next 8 minutes.

Clanns beat Finian’s out in Newcastle in a good competitive game.
Were down by 5 at half time.

Barrog beat Whitehall 4-10 to 2-09

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How does the last 16 work

Very wasteful with one of the 2 penalties they got in the 1st half!!. They didn’t score from play in that 1st half. All frees. For the record, Boden brought on a 43 yr old who hasn’t trained all year and a 41 year old with the same love for training

^^Wow thats amazing, 43…(reads thread title)…

Yes how does the last 16 draw work is it an open draw or it 1st in a group against 2nd in a group anyone know how it works