Dublin Junior G Hurling Championship (JHC G) 2023

Last night’s action

Group One

Group Two

Walkover in week one isn’t ideal…

Lots of the younger squad members away on holidays from what i heard

O’Dwyers 2-30 v Clontarf 4-2

Scoil 1-7 v Anne’s 2-11

Website is slow this week with updates, had to do some digging

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Na Fianna beat WCC 2-6 to 0-13 give or take a few scores.


Travelled up to the Wicklow mountains to watch Craobh v Stars of Erin yesterday evening. Lovely scenery but few lads complaining of pitch quality saying it was very sandy. Craobh won out by 3/4 in the end after a cracking game. Great to see former Dublin Keeper Stephen Chester back playing can’t remember last time I saw him line out still a savage puck out on him was hitting full forward line consistently from puckouts. Craobh had some good forward cleaning up on the Stars full back line. Stars full forward line was very good aswell Stars probably just too weak at the back to see off Craobh. Feisty affair but Craobh worthy winners in the end likely two of the better teams in the championship.


Tough week for Clontarf.All 3 teams loosing

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Interesting…you’d think Chester would be good enough for Junior B still?


Kevin’s 3-13 StJamesGaels 2-11

Chester playing junior G is crazy. He could probably still do it a senior.


Nearly certain he played for the craobh in senior a championship about 2 years ago if memory serves me right.

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He played AHL 1 league in 2022 . Definitely played Senior championship in 2021 against Na Fianna


G championship is a nutty mixed bag - some incredible quality


Hearing from a mate in Craobh Stephen could be deemed ineligible from that game as no official regrade took place. Might not be over yet!!

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Strange one going from senior to junior g in a short space of time!

What would happen if that was the case would they be thrown out.

Junior G, where all the action takes place

Is regrading needed if he did not play any championship last year?

Probably didnt need to as Craobh didnt have a 3rd team the last time he played?
Craobh wouldnt be that naive :rofl:

If he played junior B last year… He still needs to be regraded AFAIK.

He didnt i dont think