Dublin Junior Hurling A Championship (JHC A) 2018

Group 1
Boden (Third Team)
Lucan (Second Team)
Clanna Gael
Balinteer St Johns (Second Team)

Group 2
Faughs (Second Team)
Brigids (Second Team)
Fionbarra (Second Team)
Vincents (Third Team)

Some strong second teams in Junior A this year along with some improving first teams so should be very competitive.

Bodens 3rd team?

Corrected now. You are right.

Would have to go with Mearnogs for this one. Back to back relegations in championships but seem to have turned it around from the start of this season.

Lucan, BSJ, Brigids and Maurs should all go well. Have Finians added to their panel from last year? They were a surprise team for me and hopefully they will go well again this season.

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Boden Brigids
Mearnog Maurs semis

Boden Mearnog to go up you’d expect. unless Brigids can push on, 3 semis last few years?

I presume it will get held up through the summer

Finians haven’t added to their panel at all and have lost some key players unfortunately

“lost” to what? Emigration? Football only?

Always would have liked to see Liam and Kevin Ryan go back to Finians to finish their playing days there

Played with Liam Ryan out in Finians when he was only at minor.

Combination of work / football / left the area / retirement

Finians would have loved for them to return also

Liam and Kevin are finished playing altogether

Anybody have the fixture list for the junior championship?

I’d imagine so.

_Yeah but there’s a small fee of €5 _

You don’t need a marketing spiel to explain how flippantly you’d spend that amount of money elsewhere. You know the craic! A subscription of 5, or even 2 Euro is practically nothing.


Boden 5.13
Finians 2.11

Thought it would have been more than that. Finians really struggling at the moment…lost their only competitive game this year by 27 or 28 points. Still expect our lads to go well.

Boden lost their last league game to Vinnies by a similar margin.
Just saying. :wink:

How would the line ups have compared?

Not much of a difference being honest. Vincents were superb on the day, we were putrid. We also had 3 lads off injured in the first 10 minutes, 2 of whom are now long term absentees.
Anyhow, wins in group 1 for Boden, Clans and Maurs (big win v Lucan). Group 2 with Vinnies, Mearnog and Brigids off to a winning start.

I actually thought the scoreline read 3-13 to 2-11. Must have gone temporarily blind from watching too much golf. Anyday you win a championship match by 11 points is a good day.