Dublin Junior Hurling A Championship (JHC A) 2020

Realt Dearg
Good Counsel

Brigids always strong in this and I think they will make the final leap to the Final in 2020

Peregrines and good council for me
If Parnells get there act together they could do it

In recent years the two relegated from Inter always have a big say , however both clubs down this year are in decline and might not have as much as an influence as before. Although transfer activity sees Parnells and Council taking in a few (although I read further back one of the Quinn twins is away for at least first few months of the year )whilst a ‘big’ name for Peregrines is transferring out ! Think this will be a very competitive championship .

The Peregrines guy who makes the Hurleys is it?

He’s the lad that takes the ‘65s’ :wink:

He retired completely after getting a bad injury. Can’t make hurls if you are out with a broken hand/wrist/arm

It’s a pity Lowndes doesn’t Hurl more for Peregrines, he’d offer a lot to them

Just trying to think back, did Lowndes feature much in the championship in 2019 for the Dublin footballers?

Not that I remember

Have the club transfers been sent out to the clubs?

Junior A Hurling Championship

|Group One||. Group Two||

|Faughs|| Realt Dearg||
|Clanna Gael Fontenoy|| St Peregrines||
|Ballyboden St Endas|| Ballinteer St J
|Parnells||. Cuala||
|St Vincents|| Lucan Sarsfields||
|St Brigids|| good C Liffey G

All teams on left group one on right group 2

Junior A Hurling Championship
Group One

Ballyboden St Endas
Ballinteer St Johns
Clan na nGael Fontenoy

Junior A Hurling Championship
Group Two

Realt Dearg
Good Counsel Liffey Gaels
St Brigids

Junior A Hurling Championship
Group Three

Lucan Sarsfields
St Peregrines
St Vincents

Lucan 0-17 Peregrines 1-14
GCLG 3-08 Brigids 5-24
Clanna Gael 2-13 Faughs 1-06
Vincents 1-14 Parnells 1-10
Realt Dearg 2-20 Cuala 3-16
Ballyboden 3-16 Ballinteer 3-08

At the peregrines game cracking game , free from the halfway line to equalise in last min really enjoyable proper championship game

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Boden won by 10 or more

Good win for Realt, they have had that Cuala 3rd team monkey on their backs a few years now

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Would expect Lucan to win first game and Peregrines to take Vincents

Has anything been released re the cups competition, like will the 4 teams who dont qualify be in a semi final? Or a mini leauge set up?? See there is dates pencilled in until end of October for the cups

Haven,t heard , hoping we wont need to know