Dublin Junior Hurling A Championship (JHC A) 2020

Played them in a challange game early in the year , two lads kilkenny nicks , didnt play pucking about on the sideline said they were waiting for transfer to go through

Depends on college / course , part time jobs etc I wouldnt be too hard on a 19 -20 year old

Nor me but I doubt that’s the way it works down there …

:joy: :joy: nicks.

Togs,Shorts , y :rofl:ep but if your my age nicks

I’m responding to my own post in the junior B hurling last year and from what I’ve heard some of the key players are not playing with LG/GC at moment. Whatver the reasons I have a funny feeling that what was disucssed last year will bear from the Junior B thread. I suspect LG/GC will stay in Junior A this year and perhaps longer which is a real shame, becuase they key players who decided not play this year would be easily the driving force behind medals this year.

Still puzzled as to why the transfers were done last year if it was known that percieved interest was not there.

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Am I missing something here? It was always Knick’s to my generation in South west Dublin. Culchies played in togs or we swam in togs but we wore knicks playing football and hurling.


Lads in College are not allowed by the rules to transfer to Clubs in Dublin. A player must be a full time resident in the county he transfers to. 99.9999% of students only live here during college time. They go home,or go away (in normal year’s!) when college is shut.

Only passing on what I heard at a challenge game as there had been a couple of posts on the subject , so we could be talking about different guys completely

Maybe they robbed the nicks (sic) off someone’s clothes line when we played there a few years back.

At least 11 homegrown starters below the age of 22 is probably the main reason for optimism & any support.
Great work been down over the years by many.


What was the percentage split of the amalgamation with Scoil over the years of Isles of the Sea. How many came through for Clann

Morgan brothers are excellent. Think one still Minor and another coming through. Is Nicky English’s lad still hurling with you?

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Not sure, max 2 or 3.

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Dont doubt it for one bit , we played against you guys all the way up very close games think the managers name was Roger always had a chat before and after some very tight games

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Just heard Parnells conceding away to Peregrines tomorrow

That’s sad to see, along with Pats. It shows how quick things can unravel. Not long ago both were in the senior A championship

Dont think either concessions are a shock , never saw or felt Parnells really as a club and community bought into hurling , and when they built new club houses and pitches and left out the hurling wall that pretty much said it all , its a pity but where they are hurling wise they are always going to be dwarfed by Craobh or Vincents

Would agree with that. Although there was obviously serious work being done to get hurling off the ground out there. I rememeber they bet our lads in an u21B championship final. That same team went on to form the backbone of their first team for a while too, all home grown. You then add the couple of imports that propped up the team who obviously have long since legged it.

I’d have thought they would have had the numbers anyway to sustain a decent adult side but it looks to have fallen off a cliff now.

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Nothing to back it up just the bits you hear around the place , seems to have been a lot of strong personalities , when I saw the two Sammons transferring to Craobh not togging last year thought the writing was on the wall