Dublin Junior Hurling A Championship (JHC A) 2021

I see Parnells not in the fixtures for this after been in the draw earlier in the year .

Lucan surely favourites ?

Are fixtures out?

I seen a copy of first round and Junior A on a Saturday evening ???

Here’s the full round 1 fixtures.



Finally something for lads to focus on a team , a time and a location
Really looking forward to this


Copy of first weeks fixtures
Believe second round is winners v winners etc

Lucan Sarsfields 2-16 Peregrines 2-11

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Boden 3.21 BSJ 1.7
Cuala 0.17 Realt Dearg 1.8

Clan 1.14 Vinnies 0.9


This weeks fixtures

22 points is very decent scoring for Skerries against a seasoned Junior A team in Faughs

Skerries vs Lucan will be a good game and should be close. Two potential Champo winners IMO.

They cant win it as well as us :smile:
Lucan are without doubt the strongest in the championship , we played them the last day got a six points up , had a man sent off and they out scored us in the last quarter putting an unfair reflection on the score
Dont get me started on the ref , not disputing the sending off but Jesus we got nothing out of him , we were very disappointed to leave without a point ,
Hopefully we take care of business against Faughs and take it to a nice decider against Skerries

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This Champo has basically become a battleground for big clubs 2nd and 3rd teams and aspiring newcomers + legacy challengers. The Intermediate Champo is very different.

2nd teams - Lucan, Faughs, BSJ
3rd teams - Cuala, Boden
Aspiring teams - Skerries, Realt Dearg
Legacy Challnegers - Peregrines, Clanna Gael

Skerries have a lot of momentum behind them, have a good feeling about them this year. Lucan only beat Realt in the semi last year by 1 point so the margins are small.


100% agree , its a real on any given day type of championship , take Realt we’ve played them a few times challenge games , always won, yet look at them last year as you say.
Sherries a complete anomaly to us as bar few games at juvenille rarely crossed paths
Goes without saying its certainly a championship I want won if not by us by a clubs first team

Skerries are a nice side, seem to have a relatively small panel though which might go against them.

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Would they have many dual players ?

No more than other average size clubs AFAIK

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Pergrines 4-14 Faughs 2-18


Boden 2-30 0-12 Cuala