Dublin Junior Hurling A Championship (JHC A) 2021

Anyone know how the draw works for the quarter finals ?

Open draw like last year for quarters I would assume . Ive Just looked up the tables is it not a little unfair that the three team group all get 2 points for the bye ? 1 or 2 teams will claim last few q/f places with just 2 points but technically a team could go through without winning a game ??? I know the withdrawal of Parnells has rightly screwed it up but would it not be fairer to say last team in each group is eliminated leaving 8 teams ?

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Boden, Lucan and Clans 2 from 2.
Skerries v Peregrines in group 2 should be a cracker to see who finishes 2nd in that group.

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Yes Id expect it to be a humdinger , will travel to it , with both squads carrying a few dual players hope injuries aren’t a factor

Boden Lucan Clann Na Gael through all to play for elsewhere

Peregrines 2-18 Skerries 3-15 Draw

Who goes True there finish on the same points and score difference

Both as 2x3rd places also go through.

Yeah fairly certain both are through

What is crack with relegation in this? Parnells to avail of it and regroup?

My reading of the tables
Clan Na Gael group winners
Lucan group winners
Boden group winners
Cuala 2nd place
Skerries joint 2/3 place
Vincent’s 2nd place
Realt Dearg best 3rd place behind Peregrines n Skerries

Anyone know are group winners seeded for draw home advantage etc
Or is it an open draw for quarter finals ?

Yeh home draw for q finals and open draw for semi finals.

Tks , only fair :+1:

Unless 2 first placed teams draw each other. Then it’s a toss of a coin.

Bode 2.22 Realt Dearg 1.9
Realt set up as strange as I’ve ever seen. Played with 2 and sometimes 3 sweepers. It looked like they just wanted to keep the score down. Looks like it worked as I think they qualified as the 2nd best 3rd place team.

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Do Realt Dearg not finish second now on score diff ahead of Cuala?
And counsel have a better score difference than Cuala so i have Counsel as the second best third place team. A joke if thats the case with their only 2 points coming from a bye

Not disagreeing just lifting results from tables on Hill16 website clearly Realt Dearg have a better goal difference than Cuala , I don’t know if it went head to head but they have it as Cuala second and RD third.

It’s not open draw for q finals though Amigo is it?

Yeah all championship from Senior B down are open draw
Group winners shall be entitled to home advantage unless drawn against another group winner in which case home advantage shall be decided by a toss of a coin.