Dublin Junior Hurling A Championship (JHC A) 2021

Sound cheers.

When will quarter finals be announced officially by County Board?

Anyone know the 1/4 finalists in this championship? As in who is actually in the draw

By Wednesday

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Yes good Q, did Skerries make the cut?

Both Skerries an Peregrines go through along with Lucan from group 1.
Clans and Vinnies qualify from group 3.
Boden and Realt qualify from group2.
That leaves one team. I just can’t see how they can justify putting Counsel through with only a bye as a win. Their score difference is - 14. Cuala are - 19 in group one but actually won a competitive game.
Imo they should put the 3 who finished bottom out.

Wouldn’t disagree , that said Id say you have to go with what ever was the perceived wisdom at the start of the tournament
Skerries Lucan Peregrines coming out of a bit of group of death , Faughs not a bad side who finshed last

Absolutely the group of death. 4 good teams who would all have had eyes on at least last 4.
Whatever the regulations at the start… are they not null and void with Parnells opting out. I’d imagine Cuala would have a very strong case if Counsel were put through ahead of them.

Honestly don’t know Amigo , which ever of them go through through they aren’t looking like winners to me ,really tough to call a winner outright, draw, home advantage going to be massive

Could argue counsel didnt get a chance to improve their score difference, also im sure a game would have been preferred over a walkover, another disadvantage??

I think Cuala beat Realt Dearg, so are they not 2nd in head to head??

Yes it looks like Cuala are 2nd and Realt 3rd
Cuala beat RD, RD beat Ballinteer, Ballinteer beat Cuala.
All finish on 2 points. Goes to score difference I believe.
In mini league between the 3 teams
Cuala +5
RD +4
BSJ -9

Are good counsel still in this? I seem to remember a lot of ressers tipping them to win this champ a number of years ago.

There’s your answer!

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Fixtures up on Dublin GAA

Draws not been kind third away tie ,looking forward to it

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I was wondering why he wasn’t on the team sheet at Parnell Park at the weekend. Ro Fallon in goal for Vincents Juniors this year or at least this match.

Boden v Peregrines should be a good one Damo.

How do you find them Parish?

On Dublin GAA and scroll through the pages of fixtures.

The Junior B isn’t up yet, should be by tomorrow morning :wink:


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