Dublin Junior Hurling B Championship (JHC B) 2019

GC/LG 4-20 Civil Service 1-8

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Barr’s 1-14 Ciaran’s 1-14

Cheers. Didn’t have those 3 results up earlier.

With little concern or care isn’t it ridiculous you can be playing senior hurling one year and junior B the next. Them boys should not be allowed use their hurl at this level. Best of luck to them all the same

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That’s an unfair comment regards the individual players, the system allows this to happen.

Funny thing is, they may well win this champ. They wont win junior A the year after they win this. Too many fringe players on the team who have yet to play at a level that would consider them junior or inter contenders. The former seniors in question will have a field day at this level and one would wonder why they wished to transfer back, fact of the matter I imagine is they will lose their appetite and hunger sooner than people think at this level.

The real head scratching will come if they win junior b and are stuck at junior A for quite a while which I fully expect.

The result versus Civil Service means nothing as (and no offence) Service haven’t been up to much in last 15 years or thereabouts.

It is what it is, they want to get their home club back up to a more competitive level and feel like they obviously can. They obviously know there is good youth coming through to help them get up to Junior A and then Intermediate and wouldn’t that be a great story.

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My comment was not meant to be unfair to the lads, I do know them personally and have nothing against them playing at whatever level they want to,my point is exactly as you stated above, the system allows it.

I would disagree though on them floating around Junior B, there are alot of lads that will come out of the woodwork when there is success in a club,I seen it first hand in the this club. They won junior b, struggled junior A without said players. Said players played the following year and they got to a junior A final to be beaten by a strong parnells team and spiralled when the boys left after being promoted to intermediate

always good to see players returning to their native club. I d rather be hearing that than stories of players leaving their childhood team.

Counsel Gaels are Div 5 and Service are Div 6 so odds always stacked against them. There is a lot of mention that Counsel Gaels will sail through AHL 5 and Junior and massacare everyone. I think a few teams in the league can beat them. Finians lost by just 2 pts to them

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I am happy to see lads playing with their own club. Best of luck to them 2 smashing players in both codes


Council have have very little coming through from minor level. If the adult team won junior B and with the extra few lads back it might rejuvenate the whole club. I can’t see why they wouldn’t be well able to compete for the junior A title if they won junior B, wouldn’t be a huge difference in standards at all.

Not a huge difference in A and B championships, but a big difference in Div 4 and 5. Even at that I reckon they wont go unbeaten either way.

Players get regraded year in year out. If this championship is their clubs top championship what do you want the players to do? Sit out the year and play league only?

Do county lads from Limerick/KK/ Galway who are playing for junior or inter clubs not get to play championship because they may be considered too good for the standard?

I’d have zero issue with the lads going back to their own club. They will be hard bet, but championships are not easy won. Certainly won’t walk it anyway.

I’d see them going up in league and probably championship which will bring huge momentum next year but the step up to div 4 is big! Ya never know who will be around either, losing a lad or 2 can hurt teams. This Whitehall team went from div 7 and jun D to div 5 and junior B in 3 years but have had 3 poor years since then due to players not being available for various reasons.

The next round should tell us more where teams are at. Particularly in group 2 where the 4 teams I expect to make the quarters are playing each other.

Who are the 4 teams you think will progress?

They had a decent u15 team last year playing at a lower level (but with very good quality players). Their 16s are struggling in Div 3 this yr after getting promoted which I thought a bit odd. But I heard their strongest player transferred to Faughs.

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Good Council / Liffey Gaels

Just my thoughts on who will come out of that group. I’d see Finbarrs beating Civil Service, so if they can beat either Kevin’s or Crokes they should go through and prove me wrong.

Wins for Counsel Ciaran’s and Barr’s in group 2.

How much did Counsel win by this time?

6.19 to 1.7 I think

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