Dublin Junior Hurling C Championship (JHC C) 2019

Trinity beat boden 1-14 to 2-07

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Not a bad game either, Trinity had a very good 2nd half and Boden had a man red carded. I think Trinity had the edge anyway…

Castleknock beat Isles by 1. Isles missed some handy chances to kill the game off but Castleknock won it them in injury time

Whats the craic if a team gives a walkover in championship i.e. Brendans ? Are they gone from the champo as a result ?

Has to be two walkovers

Two walkovers in group stages yeah

Isles beat Sylvesters by 4 last night

What’s gone wrong with O’Tooles?

Took their eye off the underage structures many years ago and a big demographical shift (aging population & no new housing) in the area all coming home to roost now unfortunately. Next 3-Years or so could be tough on them.

Boden beat brendans 5.21 to 3.12 last night. Brian kelleher, 53, played with his son adam, a minor. Both scored.


That is brilliant

Recently referenced on here in the Leinster Senior Football Championship 2019 thread, of all places…

Did Brian not play in goals for that team the last few years? Or maybe I’m mixing him up with someone else?

That was the 5th team. That team has been pulled this year.

Ah I see. We had a few good battles through the years with them!

Great to see. Did he come up from full back to score :blush:

trinity and faughs drew