Dublin Junior Hurling F Championship (JHC F) 2018/2019

Group 1
Beann Eadair
Realt dearg
Kilmacud crokes
Erin go bragh
Na gaeil oga
Civil service

Group 2
Round towers lusk
Wild geese
St pats §
Erins isle
St Finians (s)
O dwyers

Round towers
St pats
Erins isle

Look the strongest in group 2

Not sure about group 1

Great to see hurling alive a kicking in howth

Wild geese beat odwyers in this. Odwyers had 4 sent off.

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Round towers lusk beat clontarf

They were very strong
They had a wing forward who was outstanding
Fella from tipp
He was big and mobile
It’s their only adult team and nice bunch of lads
They should go well in this competition .

Finians of swords have pulled out of this competition

O dwyers may struggle this week if 4 lads can’t play due to match ban .
I think they may struggle a bit for numbers

Have pulled out of competition

Isles beat O Dwyers by 4

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Clontarf. Won by 10 points

Lusk should win this easily enough. Div 7 team.

Division 7 team in the F championship, that’s taking the piss.

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Should have requested to go higher.

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Lusk were handy

Good side
Yes they will go well in the competition
Its there top team
And only adult team
So fair play to them .

Beat our third team by 11 points
Which you would expect .
Few decent players.

They all came to the pub with us after our game to watch the national league final .
Full a the auld country talk.

Lusk are a league ahead of us. Yet they play two championships lower than us. Bit of a farce tbh.

Yep heard they got a lot of imports In.

To be fair, Lusk were in Division 9 the season before last and havent won this champo yet, back to back promotions have them in slightly exalted company! Didnt even reach the semi final of this last year!

RTL adult hurling team are only 4 years on the go. The hurling juvenile section of the club is booming atm. Regardless what championship they are in it’s all for the club and the future of Lusk hurling. RTL have only one adult hurling team so it is what it is.

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great to hear the juvenile hurling section is going well

Blah, blah, blah, it doesn’t matter how many teams they have or how long they’ve been together, a division 7 team in the F championship is taking the piss.


Promotion should be earned through winning the year before (which Towers failed to do). Otherwise promotions and demotions are settled in January by oul fellas looking at the clock in Parnell Park waiting to get to the pub. At least this way it’s transparent. Even if Towers are too strong, with this years format, teams are still getting plenty of championship games.

Either did the geese. We requested to go up championships. We did make the final of the F one year. And following year or so we made semi final of the E championship. No excuse being in the F championship

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Any results from todayb