Dublin Ladies Club Championships

Any ideas on who could win the 2016 football championships

Foxrock will win the Senior at a canter

Shellbeville won’t be far off the Inter

Shelbeville got a codding in the Intermediate:grinning::grinning:

Only took 18 months to respond.

Good man !!

Mun ladies won the Junior E championship final tonight. Denise Masterson (and one or 2 others) rolling back the years and defying this thing they call motherhood! Well done ladies!!!


Dublin ladies sfc semi finals

fox cab 2-10 crokes 1-07
st brigids 1-07 davis 0-07

Final set for St Margarets, should have been Parnell Park or at the very least somewhere like Abbottstown that has a couple of seat in a stand. Backwards step taken


You’re shitting me?? No offence to Maggies, it’s a great pitch and facilities, but no way a senior county final should be taking place there.

#ParnellOrNowhere should be tweeted now DLGFA!


Seems v odd choice.

Probably can’t get Parnell due to the men’s championship.

Junior and Intermediate finals in Fingallians on Wednesday night. Good pitch and facility but not a seat to be had.
Don’t know why they can’t use Abbottstown. If Camogie can get it surely DLGFA can too?

Don’t think there is anything on in Parnell on Friday night, SFC QF are Sat and Sun. Players deserve better. #parnellparkornowhere

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be careful it might end up in Coolock village with that # instead of Donnycarney


Has there been a reason given why this is not on in Parnell?

A request was made for the use of Parnell Park but was turned down even though no games were fixed

They are a team the mercy of Dublin county board for use of grounds .generally the dcb are helpful . With games on the Saturda/Sunday maybe it was felt the pitch maintance was a deciding factor . Although most of the players are that light in ladies football I’ve never seen a pitch badly damaged after a game !
The semi finals were originally set for abbotstown but set for the Friday night . Clubs wanted the extra 24 hours so they could not be played there .
Would this happen if they were all under one umbrella?

If DCB rejected the request then its a very poor reflection, I would love to see AIG or someone flex a bit of muscle over this as that’s what it would take to make them sit up and take notice, We also don’t know (well I don’t) how hard The DLGFA pushed the agenda and if they didn’t go to move heaven and hearth to make Parnell park happen then they should have, As said here on numerous occasions the ladies game is on a crest of a wave, its only the start of a Tsunami though, how many of the 51k at AI final were made up of juvenile players and their clubs and mentors and without any seating available how many kids will actually attend the final now.

Surely DCBs first priority is to their own clubs? If they had to turn down PP then that’s their right and they surely had good reason. For example, there were 4 Senior Hurling QFs last weekend and 4 Senior Football QFs next weekend. Surely it is up to the LGFA to think these things out well in advance of their competitions and arrange venues accordingly? Half of this site is kicking the sh1te out of the DCB for not arranging neutral grounds for every last Junior C’ship fixture and the rest are kicking the sh1te out of them for not sorting out the venue for the Ladies’ Final for them. You couldn’t make it up. Don’t mind them John Costello - you’re doing a grand job.

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Are you suggesting that 1 extra game will make any difference to the pitch this weekend, that pitch is idle enough for most of the year and we are also coming off the back off one of the most prolonged dry spells ever seen (see weather thread). Of course DCB priortity is to mens game but when the pitch is available then why not let it be used. My view is this is a senior final and the players deserve it, they are sisters, daughters, mothers from the same clubs which we are all members of regardless, of the actual clubs playing this final #clubisfamily we are continually reminded

I’m suggesting that the LGFA should have boxed off their final long before now - it’s their problem and should not suddenly be the DCBs problem. It’s not simply a matter of opening a lock either.

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