Dublin Ladies Club Championships

Oh but it can be when the will is there and when it suits the agenda as evident earlier this week. Wasn’t Central council able to find a key to unlock PUC when outside pressure was applied.

not sure how they could box off a final when the IC team were still involved?, looking in at the calendar from the outside and I get the impression the DLGFA deliberately went for this Friday looking at the master schedule and knowing no mens games were scheduled for that day. I’m merely suggesting that DCB could offer a helping hand in this instance.

I normally agree with your posts but not this one. The LGFA carry the can here - nobody else.

I can live with that, Sure we can’t agree on everything. It’d get boring if we did

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In fairness I think the Friday night might be part of the issue. I know that a few years ago the junior A final was played in Parnell Park on the Wednesday evening because both the Senior and Intermediate finalists wanted their final on the Friday, and the LGFA had only been allocated Parnell for the Wed. Possibly because all ladies fixtures are played Wednesday’s. It may have been similar this year. I’d much prefer to see the finals in Parnell too but it’s understandable given recent weather conditions that they were wary of what condition the pitch might be in with 4 games each weekend either side of the ladies finals.

Parnell Park has been available all year. Its unfortunate that LGFA want it at the busiest time of the year for men’s games. Avoiding over use of the pitch at this time of year is an issue but not the only one. There are other important issues which come into consideration when allocating matches to Parnell Park such as asking volunteer stewards to attend on several days a week, availability of car parking, functions in Le Cheile or Craobh Chiarain or in the local schools or Church, inconvenience to local residents through extra people in their area, road blocks, noise, spillover from floodlights etc eg the simple thing of trying to get their kids to sleep on a match night, traffic disruption, availability of GARDA backup, ambulance and first aid cover and so on and so on. Sometimes life isn’t as simple as it seems.

Venues for finals just another symptom of a broken fixture system for club football - rushing semis and finals off within 10-13 days following the all-ireland when senior clubs have had no serious matches for three months is disheartening for the majority of ladies footballers in the county. Some clubs have only played 3 league matches coming into October, leagues which will now be run off in the worst of conditions - watch the walkovers roll in.

Clontarf won Inter final on Wednesday night and now out in Leinster on Sunday. Two championship games in 5 Days having gone almost 3 months without a game. Seems to be only last 2 years that this has become an issue as County Finals were always played off before the All Ireland Finals which Dublin contested in 2014-16. Also in this time finals were always in Parnell Park as there was never a clash with lads club games.

Different management with Dublin :wink:

Vindicated by the 2 in a row?!

Clubs that have 3 games played have to look at themselves on that matter . Far to often games are called off /moved with little information being given out . I’d be never travel to watch a ladies game without contacting the ref down to do it to ask if it’s going ahead .
In regards to the conceding of games I know the exec few years back wanted to bring a rule in similar to men’s but Croke Park would not allow it . How hard it was pushed is another matter .
The punishment for conceding league games is little or nothing . Clubs enter teams and don’t field all year !

So the good of 30 outweighs the need of 300 ?

Didn’t say that at all. Merely made an observation.

But as you may know from the men’s game the good of 30, as you put it, far outweighs the need of a lot more than 300. Rightly or wrongly …


Congratulations Fox/Cab. Maith sibh!

Congrats - hopefully they can go and win the All Ireland now.

One observation that needs to be noted on foxrock is the amount of imports that are in the team . By my count there was 6/7 on that starting team last night with more on the line. These are intercounty standard imports. With intercounty players on the line it’s hard to see how teams can compete.

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Is this done by poaching?

I couldn’t say . They have a lot of links to collages management have been with both UCD and Dcu . I’d say a lot of them players could be traced to that point.
What other team can have players on the line with senior intercounty experience?

Yeah that seems a tad unfair alright. I presume most Dublin players stay with their clubs?

In general yes . Barring your club not fielding . You’d get the few that would move to a club for higher standard of football .
But there have been a few shocking transfers passed in recent years :zipper_mouth_face: