Dublin Ladies Club Senior Championship

Group A
Davis v Clannag
Cuala v Brigids
K Crokes bye

Group B
Boden v Syls
NaFianna v FoxCab
Clontarf bye

When are champo games starting ?

Crokes and Cuala and Foxcab and NF to qualify

ive seen them all T/Davis gone down a little last couple of seasons wouldnt argue with your 4 selections but id add an outside bet on clontarf.

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They really need to start seeding this draw, 3 semi finalists from last year in one group, group B is a lot stronger

I am not sure. I rhink Davis might shade it for the second spot in group A. I agree with FCab and Na Fianna who will have too much for Boden or Tarf. Boden had a good victory over FCab in the league recently. Its a tough group again this year. Something to said said for seeding

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sure you couldnt be seeding thats what Dublin GAA do.

madness not to be seeded, at least finalists should be on opposite sides

Second weds in Aug

Didn’t realize Meadhbh Deeney Deeney transferred to Thomas Davis this year. That will certainly bolster their forward line. Kilmacud Crokes likely the closest to match Fox-Cab still though.

Dublin LGFA Division 1 Final

She’s with them a few years now as her previous team folded when she came back from the States on a soccer scholarship

First round fixtures for next Wednesday evening - clash of the night out in Mobhi Road will be tough to call.
Would expect home wins elsewhere.

I think Na Fianna will win that one but should be a great benchmark of where both teams are at.

Clann Na Gael might run Davis close aswell

I think there may be a new winner this year. Well I hope so anyway will determine after I see a few results but think will either be close or foxcab dethroned.
I’ll go out on a limb with Na fianna and then I’d predict Davis, Boden and Cuala for wins.

The Kerry captain a big plus for Na Fianna I’m sure

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Massive help alright, if it’s a player signed from another county that helps end Foxcabs reign I suppose that would be covered under irony

I think living in Finglas I read so much more legit but I get your sentiments totally… there will be an exec meeting out there as to how a county player joined someone else


Added a meath panel member too last month .

Who was that?

Who are Crokes playing. They will be contenders too but i dont think they have any new players in. They didn’t make it out of group last year

Crokes have a bye this week but their in the much easier group this year, they should top the group comfortably, whoever they play in the semi final will be strong though