Dublin Ladies Football 2023

That’s a structural issue. It just shouldn’t happen. One round of grading games, once, should sort it out. After that, promotion and relegation should maintain the balance.

The one caveat is that goals are an issue at U13. A lot of keepers can’t reach the crossbar, so the top of the goal is unprotected. A lower crossbar is necessary.


Lower the bar. Adjustables. Business opportunity there

In basketball at under age level , when the gap is 20 points they stop incrementing the score on the ejj is extra is score board . And only report a 20 point win.

At least DCB does cover that - u13 girls still use 4.5 x 2.2m goals unlike boys.
Also u12 autumn league is supposed to also act as grading for u13.

So I do think it falls more back on mentor attitude to these games.

That regrading should fix it. If it doesn’t it looks like inconsistent player availability or something.

I’m in Louth and we sometimes have big wins, but they are the exception. The first half of the U13 league is grading and that usually feeds all the way through after that. If teams lose players and become weaker, it is up to the clubs to get regraded.

Is Jess Tobin injured?

Yes injured.

For the season?

I can’t actually remember what happened but she definitely went off in the Waterford league game. I don’t know extent of injury but hasn’t been on squad since so would imagine it is serious enough if still not back. A shame for her she was really making her footprint on the team but no doubt will be back in near future.

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ACL I believe…


A few changes before Sunday I’m sure

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Leinster ladies senior football final 2023 teams for this afternoon in Portlaoise.



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Dublin with the wood over Meath again in the Leinster Final. They beat them last year as well. Two goals from Kate Sullivan the difference in Portlaoise as well as keeping a clean sheet on Meath.

First Dublin goal

Both goals were superb. Fair play to them, probably should have won by a fair bit more but a good win regardless to retain Leinster. Have shown up some surprises with such a new and young outfit.
Very exciting cship, donegal beating armagh, cork beating Kerry and Mayo beating Galway- all league finalists are given upsets.


Did he make many substitutions?

Yep all 5.

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Very impressive for such a new side, played with great intensity and work rate, Meath couldn’t get their transition going and marked their key players out of the game.

Only negative was they were completely dominant but again only scored 2 more than Meath, either goal doesn’t go in or Meath had two big goal chances and the scoreboard could’ve been very tight, missed a few very scorable chances so need to make sure they bury them

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Fair play to Dublin and the management team .
Meath seem to have regressed under this coaching system . They’ll have a sting in the tail though .

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Done very well on Meath kick outs
Can’t see Meath going far this year
Cork and Mayo might be the dark horses

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