Dublin Ladies Football 2023

Whilst there is a few players to return there are quite a few head scratchers in that 30 and that’s putting it mildly .
The wheels have started to come off since last years Leinster final :thinking:

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Will they come back is the question

See 2 of last years camogie squad in the subs.

I believe they were contacted about the camogie panel last week, football end of November.

Imagine all.last years camogie would have been contacted once new management came in, but totally up to the girls.

1-5 to 3 pts at HT.


A good shift out of it and a good run out and start to the year. Wouldn’t look too much into anything else. Would have helped run the nerves out of a lot of them hopefully going forward.

Good to see a couple of players coming in for debuts and kicking points near the end. #Mnásome

Anyone know what players have stepped away and who is just taking a longer break?

Some of bohans comments post game make it sound like some of the experienced heads are not returning.

I don’t want to name players as it’s hearsay atm from what I know. But Iv certainly heard of 3-4 starters from last year that are potentially/likely not returning. I know aherne is undecided as per article she done. And the others, I’m not sure about.

Just announced Carla Rowe captain and Leah Caffrey vice captain for Dublin Ladies football for 2023

In a bit of trouble in Tuam, 3 down with 14 minutes to go

4 down. 52 mins

5 down. 54 minutes. Dublin 0:06; Gal 0:11. Dublin haven’t scored for c14 minutes by my reckoning.

Dublin 0:06; Gal 1:12. 58 minutes.

Full-time: Dublin 0:07; Gal 1:13. 3 missed goals in 1st half. Enough said. Onwards and upwards.

@Tallabob you could be on to something.
Went toe to toe score wise til HT. as soon as Galway brought in the old reliables, they ran away with it, against the wind too. Strong marker laid down by Galway already. Dublin have a lot of work to do, particularly possession.

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We missed some good goal chances in first half so we can cling to the “ if we’d taken them we could have won ” approach but it’s hardly a surprise we’ve not replaced the players gone with similar standard .

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1 point from play in the whole game. Can’t say I remember the last time so little was scored from play from Dublin.