Dublin Ladies Football 2023

12 All Star nominees for Dublin.


Looking at what the men are getting in the AFL - average of 355,000 euro a year ,and probably more with bonuses and sponsorship, the guardians won’t be getting their great white hope mark o Connor back from oz anytime soon.

Maybe the LGfA see the chance of going Pro in Oz as a selling point in getting the girls to stick with the game when they get a wee bit older .There is very little reward here for most of the players playing here other than just playing because the love the game .

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Ignoring the fact that the team Dublin played off the park & beat all ends up in the final got 13 nominations!


I noticed that. Can only think that Kane didn’t make the cut due to the subbing in final however still harsh. Donlon hard done by too.
Biggest joke of it all is how is siofra o Shea nominated. Didn’t play semi and came on for 20 in final and gets nominated.
I hate the all stars always such politics. How Meath managed 3 after barely winning a game all year. Always players who deserve it miss out and guaranteed Dublin be shafted again on the night.

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I would say any realistic Kerry fan would admit that this outcome is a bit silly, considering how the final went