Dublin Ladies Football 2023

Massive loss, Dublin’s transition is so reliant on her. Hopefully she is able to stay for the championship season.

Starts in August so seems to be player by player whether they agree to let them stay

Well suited to the Aussie game I’d say, big, strong and powerful.
Will be missed by Cuala too

Seems to be staying till Dubs campaign is over this year…

Huge loss to Cuala as well…

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She’ll be a big addition to Brisbane.

Physical and strong and an excellent ball player too. Good luck to her.

Definitely would imagine she will see the year out and join after. Bohen doesn’t seem the type to allow players start a season and leave midway, but you never know.
She’s made for AFL in her build and strength and think it’s great for her.
There’s another 9 so will be interesting to see who else has joined.

True but Bohan doesn’t have her under contract and isn’t paying her like Brisbane will but fingers crossed she stays for the season

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Oh I get that, they have full control now but I’m sure he was consulted by Dunne when it was offered at first and doubt he would have her in the panel if there was no prospect of her being here for championship.
Let’s hope anyway, she’s crucial to Dublin.


Appears Niamh McLaughlin, Paris McCarty and Erone Fitzpatrick are all linked to follow suit.

As much as it’s a great opportunity for girls to go and play professionally it is some drain on the standard of the ladies game here…


A drain alright but sure its a great opportunity and anyone should take it if it feels right .


Yeah it’s such a shame as when they didn’t interfere it was a win win for everyone but now think since it does over the next few years we will really see that drain now since the funding is gone up, the incentive is a lot higher and easier to persuade players and really a no brainer. Sports aside it’s paid time abroad to travel and a great experience which is all usually sacrificed for gaa. Lgfa especially just can’t compete or match it.
Sad for county teams but great for the individual. Can’t say I blame any player really for taking up the offer. Just a massive loss for lgfa.


Unfortunately we are a long way from ladies football from being well supported in this country leaving aside the manufactured crowds for the finals .The girls have almost nothing to lose by giving it a go if the chance is there .


Jennifer Higgins- Roscommon

Paris Mc Carthy- Kerry

Julia O Shea- Kerry

All confirmed today to be signing up with Sydney Swans.

Erone Fitzpatrick- Laois is apparently a done deal to Carlton as well.

I think its a great opportunity for these girls to travel and get paid to do something they lovr in a professional set up. But to be honest, i dont rate it as a sporting spectacle and I cant understand the LGFA and various county boards that appear to promote it on their various social media platforms when it is a drain away from women’s football. Good luck to the girls but if I were the LGFA I would give the various girls leaving for Aussie rules zero publicity

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It’s the same for me really. It’s one of the few woman’s sports Iv just no interest in. I might watch the final at a stretch but just doesn’t do it for me. I like seeing the Irish do well is really the only reason.
I would agree, it’s promoting it but they can’t be seen to not be. However, at the moment it still really hasn’t impacted too much as most players who choose to play county have gotten to stay til end of season. A point will come, and soon, where they won’t have that option and then maybe the lgfa will change its tune.
Also seen earlier dunne confirmed here til end of season.

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HT and Dublin up 1-11 to no score.
Donegal in dire straights can’t even manage a score or inability to even rustle up a decent attack.
Game was over early on as a contest mid first half.
Some nice points taken from Dublin though.

Refs taken pity on them in this half . Some clear frees to Dublin not given .


Some of his decisions have been very confusing .

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He carded 4 instead of 3?!

She’s committed 2 fouls on McGee that were close to red in my view the last one was a pure dirty stroke could have done serious damage .