Dublin Ladies Football 2023

Did she not give away the 2nd peno? Lauren wasn’t happy with her alright.

The game lost its run in the second half. No flow whatsoever and I found Donegal very frustrated and going in with some very dirty tackles and body challenges. Tobins was harsh but Dublin standard stopped significantly in second half, weather probably not helping and Donegal playing the player rather than the ball. Not a game to remember that’s for sure. Some bizarre calls by ref too he kind of lost control of the game.


Yeah she gave pen away . Her next act to get the yellow would have made Mick Lyon’s happy

And he carded 4 for pen. Not like 3 & 4 look alike either. He was v poor.

When he gave the free against Dunne at start of second half it was clear he’d be all over the place .
He engaged with chat with the Donegal physio on 2/3 occasions and appeared to turn a free for Donegal to a hop ball due to that .
Maybe the Donegal corner back did something off the ball that we missed

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Great stuff, 16s are going well. Unbeaten so far

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U16 girls bet Kildare at the weekend 5-5 to 1-8 in round 2


They are serious team, should be in contention for an All Ireland again this year. I am actually (for my sins) managing another county in this competition (but not Div 1 so not in competition with Dublin). We have played nearly every other strong contender in challenge games (except maybe Galway and Kerry) and have seen nothing to Dublin’s standard. Indeed, Dublin’s B panel (or development panel maybe is the correct name) appear to be holding their own in challenge games against most counties.


So you were on here looking for info :slight_smile:

I’d call it more research on what the top counties are doing :grinning:. We are unlikely to be worrying Dublin in the near future!!

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Dublin unfortunate to miss out on a final spot. Overall it was a good result for Dublin considering the transition, any other year would have been in semi finals which is a shame. Plenty of players given game time, a lot to improve on, can be overall happy with finishing position considering, however, can’t dwell on League too much as championship isn’t as forgiving of losses.
A Meath loss (v Cork) and Mayo win (v Donegal), or vice versa, will see the loser in a relegation battle. However, can’t see past Donegal for going down but anything can happen. .
Kerry would be favourites for league win I’d imagine with better overall better performances.

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So I stand corrected - the relegation battle will be in the last round with Mayo v Donegal, usually it’s the bottom 2 after all games are played but I assume it’s been restructured just like the straight final?

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