Dublin Ladies Seniors 2017

Congrats to the Dublin ladies today on such a miserable day to perform
as well as they did.Great to see after the last 3 years of watching
the same players that we actually have a few gems that were never giving
a chance previously.Fair play to the management for giving so many
girls the chance to stake a claim for a jersey.Very positive for
the future.This Management are not afraid to try new things,and I
hear that their is a real feel good factor around the training due to the fact
that the girls feel that they will be rewarded if they put the work in and not
just be their to make up the numbers in training sessions.

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So you’re a fan of Mick then?

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Absolutely,anybody that is ready to make that many changes
to an opening league game shows he is willing to do away with the
the negative approach of the last management team.If that was
last years management group ye could bet your life that you
would’ve had the same 15 as the all-ireland give or take 1 or 2.
Now the girls can start enjoying their football again and
build up the confidence that is needed to win the All-Ireland.

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Bit harsh.

So your daughter got her game yesterday… perhaps harsh but that’s how it reads

No daughter ever involved,
I can tell by your smart answer that obviously you haven’t a clue
of the talented girls that are in Dublin and you can’t see the fact
that if you don’t give girls a shot in the team then we lose them,they
got the chance yesterday and now it’s up to them to carry on
and fight for a jersey.3 yrs these girls are waiting,so come up with something
more constructive if you want to add to the conversation and
embrace the fact that the future is much brighter for Dublin ladies football going forward.

Thanks Mick!

Taking the…?

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I’ll reserve judgement for a few months . He had 3/4 players involved that are not good enough or there is better options.

One win in January doesn’t mean much against a team that only had the guts of their players only back that week due to club commitments.

Tough trip down to Castleisland next but Kerry aren’t great and Dublin should win but I wouldn’t be looking forward to the trip.

Going to be interesting to see how Bohan gets on.

At least no London imports

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Waterford on the rise but they will most likely end up meeting again in Munster final. Cork will get stronger as year goes on 2 O Sullivan sisters will make a big difference. Cork lost twice in Munster in 2012 and still won All Ireland so wouldn’t read too much into this.

Ladies start there Leinster campaign tomorrow away to Laois .shocking fixture planning to have it clashing with men’s game . Moving it to 12 won’t make a difference. Hardly encouraging people to support the game.

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Dublin 8-13 Laois 2-03. Nothing really learned here. Good scoring, played some good football. On to Leinster final now vs Westmeath who only beat Laois by 3 points in round robin so could see another one sided game.

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Why don’t they show Ladies Footballers on TSG.

Steam rolled Westmeath on Sunday. You couldn’t take much from it wm didn’t show up at all .
Should have Waterford in quarter final .

Probably not enough Dublin thuggery going on … :smirk:

Nice win at the weekend against Waterford, that Owens girl at wing forward is some operator. We should have too much for Kerry in the semi you would think. We seemed physically bigger and to have a better all round 15 then they had when the two quarter finals were compared.


Good performance today against Kerry. Here’s hoping they can finally get one over Cork(or Mayo) in the final