Dublin Ladies Seniors 2017

Love it to be Cork and for our girls to hammer them and their classless manager …

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Sinéad ahern in some form

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Reports in the Connaught Telegraph that tickets for the Dublin Mayo final have hit the 40k mark. Incredible milestone if true. How many womens’ sporting events can attract that kind of crowd and how many of those would be amateur? Hopefully we’ll make it a double All-Ireland win over Mayo in 2017

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It’s brilliant. The fai cup final doesn’t even pull that kind of crowd.

Best of luck to the dubs tomorrow, hope they get over the line this time after all the heartache. Cora Staunton is the fairly obvious one to watch.

Cora still has it though there is a touch of the Harry Kane’s about her …

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The word legend gets thrown about too much, but she justifies that label. The stats on her career are simply astounding.

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Do you mean footballing wise? Or that she’s a bit of a window licker?

Personally dislike her immensely.

Bit greedy yeah as in Kane. Did she turn you down for the slow set in Coppers?

Why ???

Heard yesterday the cusack upper has now been opened too due to the demand, There has been a very notable advertising campaign and sensible ticket pricing structure, Credit where it’s due to the LGFA.
I’ll be going and I’d encourage anyone to go too, #COYGIB


Yea, why?

Best of luck to the dubs today!

Best of luck to the girls in blue today, heres to a double over Mayo

Jesus wept. Mayo ladies manager saying they don’t have as much experience in Croker as Dublin…FFS, is it in the blood up there to whinge this much

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Forget that… he was referring to us being in 4th final in row. Paranoia setting in

Should be out of sight, but only three up. Does Cora Stauntan go to the same Drama school as COC:laughing:, she also seems to think she has to do it all by herself, which fortunately is playing into Dublin’s hands.

My fear would be that they are only leading by three. Should be much more for the dominance, especially in the last ten minutes.

46k at game - Huge attendance

Anther goal missed

Those goals chances missed could come back to haunt us…