Dublin Meet and Greet Parnell Park Tues 14 Aug 6.45


Brought the young diehards to this event last year, players very patient and generous with their time, well worth a trip in. While standing 3/4 deep behind the barrier as the players signed autographs and posed for pics with supporters, an elderly man behind me let a call for a players attention. I asked was he alright as with the crowd in front he would struggle to get near, he said " I’m such and such a players grandfather, his grandmother has sent me down with this phone to get a pic" . What playing on this team means to the players and their families is unmeasurable pride. We as supporters might not match that pride, but we should make every effort to avail of this opportunity to express our thanks for these great Dublin times they have given us.


Last years was very well organized. The cattle mart set up of previous years has been done away with thankfully.

I heard they get €5k each for turning up. Oh, and a car. Another one.




Who, the players or the fans?

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Problem is they have to insure it with AIG

As in All Ireland Glory?

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Thought it was All Ireland Guaranteed :wink:

:clap: :clap: :clap:

Just back from Parnell park Dublin players absolute diamonds every one of them made every kid feel like a VIP a real privilege to be following these men


Great night - most of the lads there til nearly 10. All gents. To think of all the joy they give us and all the unheralded stuff they do. Then you have these irrelevant people who have never done anything in their lives except criticise those who have achieved. Irony much …




A fantastic evening as ever. As mentioned already these lads are a delight, really modest and so respectful to others…young and old.

Makes the current media narrative harder to take…

Luckily I think they’re in such a happy bubble within the camp it probably doesn’t get to them as much as us.

Roll on Sept 2nd…its all that matters.:blue_heart:


Inspirational, really…
How many kids (boys and girls) there last night will dream of emulating their heroes?

I’m bollixed from trying to emulate Bastick’s ninja flip from a few years ago :wink:

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Kids? Jaysus I dreamt it all last night … might be a bit late for me though. If only I was from Leitrim the dream might still linger!