Dublin Minor & Colleges Hurling 2020

Pretty strong half forward line.

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Plenty of minor experience there, interesting moving Swan out of FF to try him as a ball winning HF.

South tend to miss Eoin when they’re going it alone at senior A

Any idea of the breakdown of the schools in Dublin North? Lots of Castleknock CC I would presume?

Three Castleknock players on the team anyway. Think that Castleknock cc team won junior b and on to senior b?

Strong selection of forwards! Any idea of other schools? Ardscoil Ris have been going well lately I hear? St Fintans in Sutton and Aidan’s in Whithall too?

Árd Scoil Rís have been very strong lately.

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Dublin north traditionally would pull from literally everywhere,big small clubs alike who don’t tend to attend a so called GAA school from what I’d have observed

4 of the starting forwards are Castleknock GAA lads.
Castleknock CC team beaten by a point by Decos yesterday, mad score something like 6-19 to 4-26


That is mad scoring! Especially this time of year.

Wexford Schools beat Dublin South 1-19 to 1-7, so they will play Dublin North in the playoff I think. They’ll be up against it I’d say going by that scoreline anyway.
They’re playing on Saturday in Naomh Barrog at 1pm according to the leinster gaa website

That’s a disappointing result for dub south, even minus the Eoin lads you’d hope they’d be more competitive then that.

Was on the all weather in Broombridge which might explain it. Fast surface and Big pitch…forward’s dream

Some scoring alright for this time of year!! Must have been a joy to watch that game! Interested to see how that competition fares out. Is it Declans and Ardscoil in the final?

Dublin North v Wexford schools on today out in Barróg at 1PM.

Dublin North won by 4


Great stuff, was worried by the wex v dub south scoreline.

Great to hear :+1:

Good scoring again for dub north

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And they were missing a few who were playing U21s I suspect

The more I think about it, the better that result is. That’s Dublin minus south and Eoin players v Wexford minus peters players. Suggests dub have good strength in depth at this age group.

Is Dara Purcell with Eoin?