Dublin Minor & Colleges Hurling

Three years in a row there will be a Dublin representative in the final. That’s fairly good.

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It’s amazing really. I know we’re still waiting for a breakthrough at county level but this kind of thing was unheard of not long ago for dublin hurling.


Was at the game and it was a really high standard. Most telling for me was an independent spectator from Laois telling me that Eoin were clearly better hurlers all over the park. They were down to 14 men in the second half against the breeze so it was a strong performance, mentally as well as physically. CBS tried a sweeper, swapped markers but they couldn’t get on top. In the Kieran’s game, to respond to some questions about these guys losing leads in the second half, they played into a gale in the second and and Kierans were scoring from their half back line. So the 11 point advantage at the break was more due to weather conditions and I’d say they were quite evenly matched. That said, yesterday was a more complete performance. Quite a few of the CBS team were on this years and last years all Ireland minor final team losing to Galway. By my reckoning, on an even more positive note, this is the fourth time in a row Colaiste a Eoin has beaten Kilkenny CBS.


Great stuff - some work being done out in stillorgan (and further afield).

Col Eoin playing Kieran’s at 11:30 in Netwatch Cullen Park on Sunday if anyone is planning on going.


Daisy Go Lightly or Nimblefeet as he’s know as here will be there. Shouting on the Guy’s, You people are not welcome.


Surely fat armchair warriors wouldn’t care about such a game.


My Dad works for your Dad!


Maybe he’s a Rock man!!! Dick swinging competition.

Send it! Tradition!


Anyone know if their streaming this game on Facebook like they did last year?

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i don’t know but if they are let me know as i wouldn’t mind catching it, sounds like Eoin are going to be missing Leavy which is a shame.

Yes and not sure if finn Murphy is back yet. If they had a full team I would really fancy them to win and even still give them a good chance. It is a seriously impressive Eoin team this year

Has to be a good team to draw with kierans and beat kk cbs.

Nothing on leinsrer gaa about streaming yet so will just have to hope I guess

Game being streamed on top oil Facebook from 11:30


6-6 at ht

Nothing between these teams

14-14 Eoin keep pegging them back but can’t get ahead.