Dublin Minor & Colleges Hurling


Dublin’s U17 Celtic Challenge hurlers have reached the Corn John Scott All Ireland Final on Saturday, 27th May.

They will take on East Cork at St. Brendan’s Park in Birr, with throw-in at 1:30pm.

Entry to the game is free.

The match will also be shown live on the Official GAA Youtube channel here.


Ha, we’ll see!

Minor Final today should be good. Clare (Gunning) will need to find a way to quieten Niland, along with keeping Galway’s free count down. 1pm, TG4

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Not just Niland, they will also have to deal with Jason Rabbitte and Brian Callanan as well!

Rabbits very impressive

Galway average enough to start. Clare look the better team.

And then they score a second goal :joy:

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Clare the better team.

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Clare are good, this will he a close encounter


Anne Summers - 2008 Black Friday slogan


Galway having it so easy the whole way to this point hasn’t done them any favours.


Galway are fucked.

Clearly Leinster made Galway look an awful lot better than they are. They’ve blown this totally.

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Galway having a massive off day. They are going to learn a lot from today

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Happens in finals at this age group

Wrong day to be doing their learning. A huge capitulation

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Not tested enough before now like you said

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I said weeks ago their is allways someone who will put it up to you, galway also.having an off day .goalkeeper mistake led to daylight between the teams.

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5 in it with 8 to go and all Galway they aren’t gone yet