Dublin Minor & Colleges Hurling

Kinda hoping Offaly win this, if you’re beaten by the eventual winners it softens the blow a bit.


On sunday

Thanks for posting, I’d forgotten that was on this evening. I’ll be cheering Offaly too btw

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Expecting a Galway v Offaly final

Me too.

Slow start for offaly but getting going now. Long lay-off has not helped

Graat goal for offaly

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Class goal some first touch

Goal of the championship.

Another great goal, offaly motoring well.

Poor discipline on both sides in the 2nd half

Offaly seem to be that bit better

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Good game. Some great high fielding from the forwards in particular…such an important skill.

An enjoyable second half. Any time Clare get close Offaly tag on a point.

Offaly got a few in a row in the second half which has been the difference to now

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2 16 to 18. Offaly into all ireland.

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Offaly have a Limerick man in there… wouldn’t be a bad idea for Dublin to get an outsider

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Congrats to the Faithfull, a throwback to the early 80’s. As a Tier2 ranked team, making it an All Ireland final is a major breakthrough. Some wonderfull hurlers, of which a lot more than 2-3 will play senior.

A great move by Duignan to bring in an outsider to steer the ship. Leo O’Connor, "a Limerick man living in Tipp, working in Clare and managing Offaly’. This should give huge hope to so many counties. Our Dubs need to drive on and replicate this, no reason we can’t.

Great to see an old school twist on the modern style. Offaly don’t play tippy-tappy through the lines, they play thru the line. Some super fielding, striking and scores from distance. 5,7,10,12 take off with ball on the stick at every opportunity.

I’ll be cheering on these boys in 2 weeks.

Fógra, my Irish isnt great but everytime I listen to Pat Fluery on TG4, I can follow every bitof the conversation.


Replicate what?

Leo O’Connor. Was he sub for Limerick in 94? He works for the Clare Champion newspaper.

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