Dublin Minor Football Championship 2019

Very disappointing but TD well worth their win. Vins second goal was a dubious enough penalty with the last kick of the game.

We haven’t really fired at all this year they way we did at U16 two years ago. Joining a long line of clubs/teams that won a 15 or 16 championship bit didn’t make an impact at minor.

'Knock 5-11 OPER 2-14

The small all weather pitch also suited TD.

Harps 5-15 Ballinteer 0-13

Harps led 4-8 to 0-7 at half time

Can still qualify with a 10+ point win over Plunketts I believe

Not if Td beat Castlenock. :wink:

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The way the team is playing it would be hard to see that happening. Op/Er have a huge chance to qualify. They’re clearly not a bad side.

Plunketts were excellent against Td, but Td were also terrible that day and missing a couple. Much improved today.

Heard TD were missing around 5 starters that day, not sure how true that is but going by scorelines today it’s believable

Our problem is we both lost to Castleknock by about the same score. Be difficult to turn that into a ten point win. And Davis will give Castleknock a good game.